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Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee! A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world. We are an online magazine dedicated to comfort, creativity, inspiration, and fun. We hope that you will feel at home here. Sweatpants & Coffee is the place where you will find everything related to personal acceptance, comfort, and health. Continue Reading

The Catracha Coffee Story: One Small Sip Can Change The World

What if the cup of coffee you drink in the morning could literally change the world, change the future? For Mayra Orellana-Powell, that’s a reality. Mayra, 39, grew up cultivating coffee in her small mountain village of Santa Elena in Honduras. She came to the United States as a college student to study small business; Continue Reading

Deals We Love | Black Friday 2014 Specials!

You know we love a good deal, and the best deals happen on Black Friday! Check out some of our favorites below. Sleepyheads.com is offering great Black Friday specials on pajamas and robes for the whole family: Spend $100- get $25 off, spend $150, get $40 off, spend $200 get $60 off, spend $250+ get Continue Reading

Giveaway | Cynical Redhead Jewelry for the Geeky

Want to wear your geek on your sleeve? Cynical Redhead is the gal for you. It’s no secret that we love her snarky, nerdalicious designs, and now Cynical Redhead, a.k.a. the talented Michelle Rollinson-Berry, is giving away some of her stamped creations to 6 of our lucky readers. Click thumbnails to enlarge You can win Continue Reading

The Lesson Of The Travel Mug Lid

If you are me, some mornings begin like this: you find yourself struggling angrily with your travel mug and then it turns into some hummunah-hummunah* realization. *Hummunah-hummunah is a sound effect a friend used to make to symbolize people who meditate. I don’t even know. You may even go through all 5 Kübler-Ross stages of Continue Reading

Deals We Love| Coffee, Tea, & Comfy Clothes | 11/25/14

TeePublic (which incidentally is now home to a lovely collection of tees we’ve selected just for our Sweatpants & Coffee readers’ enjoyment) is having a site wide sale from 11/28 to 12/1. All tees are only $14. You can get that special someone – and let’s be real, sometimes that special someone is yourself – Continue Reading

10 Great Moments from Supernatural Season 10, Episode 6, “Ask Jeeves”

No mangst this week, ladies and gents! This episode was the Smartfood of Supernatural—a little corny, totally cheesy, thoroughly addictive guilty pleasure that I gobbled right up. Our boys head to New Canaan, Connecticut to mingle with the rich and spoiled relatives of one Bunny LaCroix, trying to score Bobby’s inheritance and not get killed Continue Reading

Joyful Meditation | No-fuss Thanksgiving: I'll Brush My Hair But That's It

I’ve never had what you’d call a typical Thanksgiving. You know, television special Lifetime movie Thanksgiving with real, grownup place settings and a beautiful bronzed turkey carcass with the white paper chef’s hat things on the feet and candles on the table and people asking each other politely to pass the salt. Growing up in Continue Reading

Why Master Violinist Edvin Marton Plays Rock On A $7 Million Stradivarius

When Edvin Marton was five years old, he had a problem: he was in love with a fellow kindergartner and she didn’t know he was alive. He asked his mother what he should do. “Serenade her,” she said, and Edvin took his little violin and did just that. He was rewarded with a kiss, and, Continue Reading

Things Every Household Should Have | Personal Essay

Zsofia McMullin works in publishing and lives in Connecticut with her husband and son. She blogs at http://zsofiwrites.com.       When I rented my first apartment right after college, I had two pots, a glass baking dish, a set of four plates and mugs, and a colander. And wine glasses, of course—mismatched, most of Continue Reading

Joyful Meditation | Laundry Freak Outs & Self Care

We have a division of labor in this household. By mutual agreement, my husband is responsible for: taking out the garbage, killing any insects that violate the sanctity of our domicile, keeping meticulous track of various professional sports teams and then inflicting this information upon me, and doing the laundry. I wage a constant battle Continue Reading

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