Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee!

Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee! A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world. We are an online magazine dedicated to comfort, creativity, inspiration, and fun. We hope that you will feel at home here. Sweatpants & Coffee is the place where you will find everything related to personal acceptance, comfort, and health. Continue Reading

Zen For Busy People: 5 Sneaky Ways To Steal Serenity

For a couple of years in college, I was a Zen Buddhist, or what I thought one was. I read a lot of books from the New Age bookstore near the university with titles like “The Life and Teachings Of The Great Masters Of The Far East,” “The Lost Years Of Jesus In India,” and Continue Reading

Flash Fiction | And Then

She lived in an apartment building just off a main road that eventually led to a bridge. It was the only bridge out of town and off the island. It was a busy street, not the best place to raise kids, but she didn’t have any and all that noise and danger kept the rent Continue Reading

10 Minute Ramen Stir Fry

Instant ramen is perhaps one of the most maligned yet ubiquitously consumed meals – certainly this was true for me during my college years, and not just because it was cheap and fast. For me, it was also comfort food. A big bowl of warm noodles and broth was often exactly what I needed to Continue Reading

10 Great Moments from Supernatural Season 10, Episode 3 | Soul Survivor”

Look at that! A Winchester is bound in a chair and for once it’s not Sam! Sam’s got Dean in lockdown and it’s time to find out—can Demon Dean be cured, and, more important, will he be able to keep that hair if he is? Let’s find out in this Ackles directed doozy. 1. “Doctor.” Continue Reading

Joyful Meditation | Pants Pocket Good Things

If you ever want to silence someone in a mid-Monday funk, ask him or her to list the things they are thankful for. Then maybe step aside so you don’t get doused with whatever coffee is left in their cup. It’s hard to snap out of a nice, comfortable grouch-fest and rummage around in your Continue Reading

A Step Ahead | The Persistent Optimist

by Jordan E. Rosenfeld When I finally set foot on a plane to Vermont early in October, where I was headed for a four day retreat, I had walked up and down the aisle of that plane, mentally patted down each pocket of my carry on (earplugs, Unisom, eye patch, pillows), and adjusted and readjusted Continue Reading

Feel Good Fix | Pandas Refusing To Take Medicine

Do you think it’s difficult to get your kid to take medicine? You probably have it easy compared to this trainer. Watch as he attempts to administer medication to these mischievous pandas who seemed to think that this is just another kind of playtime. It is impossible to watch this without getting a big, stupid Continue Reading

3 Ingredient Espresso Fudge

“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!” ― Mae West When it comes to chocolate and espresso, I personally don’t feel there can ever be enough, and this simple, yet delightfully decadent fudge is a delicious combination of both. This recipe is so easy – just three ingredients – it’s downright dangerous. You’ll Continue Reading

Sweatpants & Novels Takes On Gone Girl

You’ve read the book. You’ve seen the movie. Now, join the conversation as the Sweatpants & Coffee book club, hosted by Richard Simms, takes on the most buzzed about novel of the past few years. What is it about Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl that elevated it from a decent thriller to a literary sensation. Why Continue Reading

Off the Rock | Discovering Dixieland

As an island girl who grew up twenty minutes from the Pacific, I am always a little stunned by the beauty of the South. I’m not surprised, it’s just that I suppose no one ever told me how lush and green it is, or about the amazing natural beauty that you will find if you Continue Reading

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A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world.
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