Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee!

Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee! A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world. We hope that you will feel at home here. Sweatpants & Coffee is the place where you will find everything related to personal acceptance, comfort, and health. We’ll be talking about great reads, delicious recipes, as well as ways Continue Reading

A Love Note to My Body | Fearless Kindness

I’ve been in a conflicted relationship with my body for over thirty years. A tidal relationship: conflict surges over me when my chronic fatigue, food sensitivities, and lowered immunity lift my feet out from under me and carry me flailing and protesting through the days until I’m washed up on the shore of surrender. For so Continue Reading

The Anxiety Diaries | Phones, Crowds, & Parking Lots

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, the most common anxiety disorders for Americans are: generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and social phobia (or social anxiety disorder). They are described as being common, but most of us suffer alone. It’s hard to talk about. It’s hard Continue Reading

Summer's Sizzling Hot Cocktail Reads

In the last few months, I’ve read several scintillating scorchers mostly while relaxing by cooling bodies of water.  By a pool in Charlotte, on a beach in Hilton Head, and by a lake at the base of Pike’s Peak in Colorado. Everyone loves a juicy novel, one you can sink into while you lay out Continue Reading

A Survivor’s Tale | Reflections on The Fault in Our Stars

“I was in a cancer support group.” My daughter asked, “Really? You went to one?” “Yep. Horribly depressing. Like in your story.” Kid’s eleven, busy enjoying her summer between elementary and middle school. She loves singing. Loves science. She and her best friend from school saw the movie version of The Fault In Our Stars Continue Reading

Treading the Seas of Love | Moment of Sanity

My boyfriend, who isn’t in love with me, is at this very moment hiking the West Coast Trail. He’d been planning this trip for months, him, his best friend, and his best friend’s dad. The not being in love with me part wasn’t something he originally intended to carry with him, along with his thirty-seven pound Continue Reading

Happiness is Not a Destination | Persistent Optimist

For all the days that your life is good, fantastic, or stellar, it’s also hard, lonely, frustrating, overwhelming, and busy. You doubt yourself. Fear, anxiety, shame, and worse draw tight your curtains, black out the stars. Perhaps you even carefully craft a happy picture on your surfaces, and only fall to pieces in private puddles of Continue Reading

Books & Chocolate

We were tagged by the lovely Kelly Wilson of wilsonwrites.com for a blog hop featuring two of our most favorite things: books and chocolate. The Sweatpants & Coffee team came up with a bevy of beloved books, and the unique chocolates that go perfectly with them. We have planned your weekend for you! And we’ve Continue Reading

A Lesson in Lyric Form | Poetry Corner

You don’t have to be a poet to love the lush lyrics of finely wrought words – but poets do know how to link them, how to pluck out the soft, deft pieces to stitch together that leave the reader breathless, intimate. I was lucky enough, blessed beyond belief, to have the opportunity to study Continue Reading

Falling Skies | Season 4, Episode 4 Recap

Evolve or Die I’m ba-ack! After a two week semi-sorta vacation the 2nd Mass and I are reunited, and, contrary to what Peaches & Herb promised me, it doesn’t actually feel all that good. The humans have made their escape, WOO HOO, but alas, very little progress has otherwise been made: freaky little Lexi is Continue Reading

Feel Good Fix | Skye The Fawn

This is Skye and his pal, Oliver the cat. We think they are pretty much the most adorable buddies ever. Skye was rescued after his mother was hit by a car. When his initial rescuers were unsuccessful in getting him to eat, they contacted the nearby All For The Love Of Animals (AFTLOA), an animal Continue Reading

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A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world.
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