Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee!

Welcome to Sweatpants & Coffee! A bastion of comfort and sanity in an often uncomfortable world. We are an online magazine dedicated to comfort, creativity, inspiration, and fun. We hope that you will feel at home here. Sweatpants & Coffee is the place where you will find everything related to personal acceptance, comfort, and health. Continue Reading

Sweatpants & TV | True Detective 2×07 – “Black Maps and Motel Rooms”

Spoilery spoilers abound. Reader beware. What Happened: Paul died, Frank became a pyro maniac, Ani and Ray had sex and I’m still just as confused about the case as I was before. Ani and Ray are in a hotel, and Ani is having a rough time coming down from her high. She isn’t making sense Continue Reading

The Lion, the Wild, and the Woman

When I was little, one of my favorite stories was C.S. Lewis’s The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I enjoyed all of the creatures in it—humans and forest animals and mythical beasts—and of course I had my favorites. I loved Lucy, the character most like me at the time—a little girl who launched the Continue Reading

Friday 5 | Benefits of Leaving a Toxic Relationship

When you leave a toxic relationship, there’s a period of immense relief. This is followed by a refractory period during which you refill the coffers of your soul that have been depleted by the vampiric tendencies of your former friend or lover. You’re free of the abusive or unbalanced dynamic, and you may find yourself Continue Reading

Paper Doors and Inner Space

When I was a young newlywed, I moved from Honolulu to Tokyo to be with my husband. He was working for a small tech industry startup that provided services to multinational firms. I went from idyllic paradise to neon metropolis. Tokyo was like a cross between the biggest, busiest anthill imaginable and the city from Continue Reading

Catastrophe Kitchen | Illicit Carbonara alla Tony

Good spaghetti carbonara is an amazing thing. Creamy, rich, and almost magical. EGGS MAKE THE SAUCE?! What is this witchcraft? And this carbonara, while not strictly traditional, does have the added lure of intrigue. My friend Tony convinced an employee of a certain factory that produces cheesy cakes to coax this recipe from said restaurant’s Continue Reading

Sweatpants & TV | True Detective, 2×06 – “Church In Ruins”

What happened: We start where we left off, with Ray and Frank facing each other down, and sadly it is not a shootout in Frank’s kitchen. Ray confronts Frank about the name he gave him, and Frank tells him that he thought the guy was the one who raped Ray’s wife. They come to an Continue Reading

Working Toward Grace

My dad drank Budweiser for breakfast and Chivas for lunch. Then he usually crashed by early evening, leaving me guessing what he would’ve had for dinner. I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t have been food. I was daddy’s little girl and often wondered as a kid why he didn’t love us enough to stop drinking, especially Continue Reading

Remembering Beautiful

“You look beautiful” she said. I blushed deep red. I could feel the heat on my cheeks. She stood before me looking confident – tall, and thin with not a hair out of place, despite the humidity. She was chic in her lacey dress and cowgirl boots. The barn in the background made her look Continue Reading

Sweatpants & TV| True Detective 2×05, “Other Lives”

I loved this entire episode. I felt like “FINALLY! I CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AND THIS CASE!” I feel like the back story and setup episodes to get us to this point went one episode too long, though. If this were episode 4, everything would have flowed better ,and people would have been more likely Continue Reading

The Persistent Optimist | When Full Feels Like Empty

I woke up today with aching hands, a line of hot tension snaking down from my neck to my fingertips. Why am I in pain? I asked dumbly, while my neurons felt like gravel rocks being shot out of ancient iron cannons between my synapses. These are telltale signs that I’ve been working hard. Too Continue Reading

An online magazine dedicated to comfort, creativity, inspiration,and fun.
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