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Cheers to Friday!

It is Friday.

We made it. This week has dragged and feels rough around the edges.

As we go into our weekend, the staffers at Sweatpants & Coffee wish you a long and restful weekend.


Jerusha Gray - Coffee Cup Selfie
Jerusha Gray, staff writer and graphics editor. Instagram: @palegrayink Facebook:

Jessica Grey - Coffee Cup Selfie

Jessica Grey, staff writer. Twitter: @JessicaGrey959

Kathy Kitzmiller - Coffee Cup Selfie

Kathy Kitzmiller, Creative Lifestyles Director. Twitter: @SPCKathy, Instagram: @KathySPC, Facebook:

Nanea Hoffman - Coffee Cup Selfie

Nanea Hoffman, Founder, Fearless Leader, EIC. Twitter: @SweatpantsCafe, Instagram: @Sweatpantsandcoffee, Facebook:

Salongo Wendland - Coffee Cup Selfie

Salongo Wendland, staff writer. Instagram: @punkrema

Teri Gosselin - Coffee Cup Selfie

Terri Gosselin, staff writer. Instagram: @Teri_SPC, Twitter: @Teri_SPC, Facebook:

Shandle - Coffee Cup Selfie

Shandle Blaha, Operations Director. Twitter: @Shandle_SPC, Instagram: @Shandle_SPC, Facebook:

Courtni KG - coffee cup selfie

Courtni, Community Manager. Instagram: @courtnieleven11,

Jessica - Coffee Cup Selfie

Jessica, our  Product Review & Giveaway Coordinator. IG: Jessica_SPC, Twitter: Jessica_SPC, Facebook: spcjessica


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Shandle is the Operations Director for Sweatpants & Coffee. She works from home so she wears yoga pants every day and loves some coffee in her cream and sugar. A rerun of Friends is always on her TV and her stack of books to read is always growing. She and her husband love to travel and you can follow her travels on Instagram at: shandle_spc.

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