Teachers do their best every day to shape the next generation. It’s difficult for even the best educators in a classroom setting, but it’s a more significant challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instructors have to turn their year-long lesson plans into virtual ones overnight, all while worrying about how their students are coping.

Even though schools aren’t back in session yet, you can still use these 10 creative ways to thank your teachers for everything they do. A little act of appreciation goes a long way to show them how much you value their hard work and dedication.

1. Give Them a Shout Out

Teachers often go unappreciated in school systems that struggle to give them what they need. Give your child’s educator a shout out on social media and tag their principal or school board to get them recognized. It may help them get a raise or bonus, or make them feel good that someone notices them.

2. Start a Meal Donation Train

Many teachers in low-income communities worry that their kids aren’t eating while they’re out of school. Contact all the parents in your kid’s class and create a schedule to start a meal donation train. Everyone can drop food off at that person’s front porch or donate grocery money online, then move onto the next person. Every family will get extra help and take some worry off your teacher’s mind.

3. Save Extra Supplies

Eventually, your kids will go back to school, and your teacher will need extra supplies. Save what you can to donate on the first day. They could end up needing things like tissues, pencils and copy paper.

4. Contact Your Congressperson

The best help for teachers comes from state and federal leaders. Especially in this time of crisis, it hurts for educators to pay $600 monthly for health insurance because the state doesn’t cover it. Contact your congressperson and advocate for additional health care coverage for teachers, starting today.

5. Send an E-Gift Card

Buying someone a gift card helps small businesses stay open and gives teachers a break on their budgets. Send your child’s teacher an e-gift card for grocery delivery and meal services so that they remain safe at home.

6. Write a Personal Message

If you have your teacher’s email or social media connection, write a personal message of thanks between the two of you for a quiet gesture.

7. Play the Lottery

In some states, educational lotteries give school systems billions of dollars. The next time you go to get groceries, grab a lottery ticket to get your teacher more funding.

8. Create a Video

Teachers love interacting with their students, so film your kids thanking them. Add videos of their classmates doing it too. It’ll brighten their educator’s day and only takes a few minutes.

9. Make a Custom Card

Young kids can always color a custom card and write why they’re thankful for their teacher. Send their educator a photo of it and save it to give in-person the next time everyone can get together.

10. Ask How You Can Help

Parents can ask their child’s teacher how they can help. They might need assistance with taking roll, figuring out technology or other struggles day-to-day. Offer your skills so that they know you’re a phone call away if they need anything.

Talk With Other Parents About Giving Back

See if any other parents want to try these easy ways to thank your kid’s teacher. Make it a group effort that showers your child’s instructor with gratitude.

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