What’s better than a nice Sunday brunch complete with eggs, bagels, and lox? A relaxing Sunday brunch with some seriously kickass cocktails, that’s what.

Whether your tastes run to bacon and sausage or vegan mushroom quiche, these mixed drinks will have you saying, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere — 5 a.m., that is!” Try mixing some of these up next time you dance till dawn or simply need a classier version of “hair of the dog.” You can also whip up a boozy breakfast in bed for that special someone.

1. Frozen Mint Screwdrivers

Orange juice features prominently in many morning cocktails, but just dumping a mini-bottle of Smirnoff in your Minute Maid? That’s so undergrad. Now that you’re a woman of the world, you can afford the finer things in life, like truly tasty screwdriver variations.

The fresh mint in this cocktail makes you feel like you’ve just brushed and flossed — even if you haven’t yet combed your hair. The ice in the blend soothes sore throats from shouting over last night’s club DJ. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and an orange slice, and you’ll feel as if you’ve awoken in Jay Gatsby’s mansion.


2. Lobster Bloody Mary

Like your Bloody Mary a bit on the seafood side? Take an imaginary trip with the Little Mermaid in this variation of the hangover classic.

Go ahead and garnish this beachy beverage with bits of seafood on a stick. It goes wonderfully with oysters on the half shell.


3. Old-Fashioned Paradise

Back in the days of Studio 54, recovering clubbers sipped paradise punch to recover after a long night. Though this cocktail no longer enjoys fad status, you’ll be glamorously retro serving it up all the same.

The apricot brandy paired with fresh orange juice takes taste buds on a tropical retreat. The gin does pack a bit of a punch, so save this drink for three-day weekends when you have an extra 24 hours to recover before returning to work.


4. Chai-Spiced Hot Toddy

The past winter brutally buried much of the U.S. in snow, and some folks still need time to thaw out. Warm your blood while noshing on waffles accompanied by a funky chai twist.

The fragrant spices in this recipe for chai will  invite you to kick back in a cozy armchair with a good book. Top with whipped cream and sugar if you like a bit of sweet with your spice.


5. The Spring Spritz

What better way to welcome back sunshine-filled days than with a fancy mid-morning beverage? This pretty pink drink will leave you and your girls feeling like you just strolled off the set of “Sex and the City.”

This wake-me-up features ruby red grapefruit juice instead of the usual orange. Depending on the type of sparkling wine you include, the drink varies from dry and tart to just a touch of sweet.


6. Orange Cream Mimosa

Many of us remember carefree summer days spent licking an orange ice cream pop. This twist on the mimosa recreates the simpler days of youth, only with a kick.

This bubbly breakfast beverage uses sparkling wine like a regular mimosa, but the sugar content makes it more sweet than tart. Those abstaining from alcohol can substitute ginger ale for all the flavor with none of the intoxication.


7. Blackberry Bourbon Iced Tea

Want to drink Sunday morning away like a Food Network all-star? Try this drink recipe that calls for macerated blackberries and sugar to round out your favorite bourbon.

This drink tastes best when blended and allowed to chill for two hours, so make some the night before. Since celeb chef Bobby Flay created this classy AF beverage, check out his brunch favorites when planning your full menu.


8. Breakfast in Bed

This brunch delight calls for Fireball, but the other ingredients in the mix tame the flame down somewhat. The liqueur does retain a bit of bite, so it complements breakfast burritos or masala omelets and other spicy dishes.

Alternately, the drink pairs well with cinnamon toast or rolls. Wake up feisty with this slightly fiery cocktail.


9. Coconut Caipirinha

This take on the traditional cocktail of Brazil contains coconut water, so it must be somewhat good for you, right? Remind yourself — or fool yourself — about this as you sip this swanky ‘tail.

You will need to do a bit of advanced preparation, as the beverage calls for coconut water ice cubes — which need approximately two days to freeze. Anything this delicious is well worth the wait, though.


10. Rum Java Root Beer Float

Can you have a good brunch without coffee? Theoretically, sure, but why break with tradition when this elegant chaser appears on the menu?

This lovely drink also makes for a dessert in a glass with its whipped topping and shaved chocolate accents. It almost looks too delish to mar with a straw, but the Kahlua and rum make it worth it.


Better Brunches With Creative Cocktails

Of course, few medical professionals recommend spending every weekend morning in bed with some booze and your beau, but everyone needs the occasional guilty pleasure. Make your next long weekend even more memorable by sharing these glam cocktails with your tribe, your significant other or just Fluffy, your cat – no cocktails for Fluffy, though. Celebrate your awesomeness with a cosmopolitan flair by stepping your brunch up and making pouring as important as plating.


Jennifer Landis is a mom of two, writer, blogger, and brunch aficionado. She is currently mourning the loss of Game of Thrones, but looks forward to spending her limited free time rewatching Doctor Who, instead. It’s way more uplifting, anyway. Find more from Jennifer on her blog,  Mindfulness Mama. Follow her on Twitter @JenniferELandis.

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