Remember that time that Michael told Dean and Sam that their bloodline traces all the way back to Cain and Abel? Well, this week Dean got to meet their Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great…aw hell, you get the idea…Great Grandfather. The father of murder himself, otherwise known as Cain, is the one who’s going to help Dean and Crowley gank Abaddon, while back at the HuntCave Sam and Cas finally bond over Sam’s state of grace.

The Heat is On

Dean and Crowley? Teaming up? Perfect. After working together last week to free Sam from Gadreel, Crowley asks Dean to help his burgeoning political campaign by kicking it off with a good old assassination. He wants help killing Abaddon, and he knows Dean is the man to do the job. The fact that Dean acquiesces so easily shows how low Dean has fallen. Remember when Dean used to slam Sam for teaming up with Ruby to save the world? Child’s play compared to who is now Dean’s buddy cop.


The Good, the Dad, and the Crowley

I have been rewatching Season One episodes, and I must say–I’ve missed the most important reference book in Supernatural history. Seeing John’s journal again was a delightful nod to how little the boys used to know, how far they’ve come, and the father that left them their legacy. Am I wrong to hope that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will come back as John someday, somehow? If so, I don’t wanna be right.


Cas and the PB&J

Poor Cas. No more burritos for you. Now that Castiel is an angel again, food is off the table, literally. He and Sam talk sandwiches, particularly how awesome peanut butter and grape jelly was (no jam, though–he found jam “unsettling”) when he could taste the sum of its parts. Now? Cas can taste its molecules and he find them overwhelmingly disgusting. Later, though, remembering that humble sandwich reminds him of the glory of living as a human, and how angels (and maybe even Winchesters) can change. And that may well save Sam’s life.


John’s Friend with Benefits

Tara, John Winchester’s old hunting buddy, is introduced perfectly: she’s a plain clothed, fully armed, no-nonsense, Joe Hill graphic novel reading badass, who trusts no one.


She tells Dean about the First Blade, the only weapon that can kill a Knight of Hell, and in between she manages to compliment his looks *and* let him know that she banged his dad. Awk-ward. Sadly, like most women on SPN, Tara and her trick knee were not long for this world, which totally bummed me out. Seriously–the annoying female hunter Tracy from “Devil May Care” lives and Tara dies? I call shenanigans.


Raising Cain

We SPN fans have been very lucky. Our show has had a long line of incredible guest stars, but I’m just gonna say it: Timothy Omundson needs to be promoted to recurring status. The presence he had as he played the part of Cain was downright mesmerizing. From his look, to his gait, to the expert way he sold his lines, Omundson is a spectacu-lacular addition to the SPN family. I hope we see him again soon. Like, a lot. Especially if he’s interacting with Dean.


Sam’s Fall from Grace

Sam’s healing is going well, despite the fact that he still carries a little of Gadreel’s grace like an “angelic fingerprint.” Cas figures out, with the help of the writings of the Men of Letters, that they might be able to extract it and use it to track Kevin Tran’s killer angel.


The catch? It might kill Sam. Of course, Sam is willing to risk it. A reluctant Cas allows Sam to push him to extract more and more until Sam is on the cusp of death, but that aforementioned PB&J makes Cas stop.



Cas loves humans. He loves Sam. He sympathizes with him. He knows how Sam’s regret feels.


They try to use the small amount of essence they managed to get to cast the tracking spell, but, sadly, there isn’t enough to make it work.


Cas has no regrets about quitting while Sam was ahead. Sam? Well…let’s just say he’s willing to do anything to make things right. We haven’t seen the last of this by a long shot.  And I’m glad we haven’t, because Jared Padalecki? In a v-neck t-shirt? Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Willing and Abel

How amazed were you at this shocking reveal? When Dean and Crowley finally find Cain he tells them the truth about why he murdered his own brother: Abel wasn’t God’s favorite–he was Lucifer’s, and he was destined to be hell’s own play toy. Cain, in true Winchester fashion, offered to take his brother’s place in Hell if Lucifer would just send Abel to Heaven. Lucifer did. Of course, there was a price. Cain had to kill his brother himself, with a “blade” made from the jawbone of an animal (and, perhaps, one of the coolest weapons this show has ever seen. And that’s saying something.)


Cain went to hell, created the Knights and the whole world suffered, until he fell in love and retired. Abaddon? Having none of that. She killed his wife and made him suffer before sneaking away to rule another day. No wonder Cain’s willing to help Crowley and Dean dethrone her.

“You plus demons equals Fight Night”

Remember when Sam came to in “Devil May Care” thinking that Dean had killed three demons–solo–simply with the power of his awesomeness? Yeah, well, Dean may not have lived up to that rep in that battle, but he more than made up for it here. Cain, you see, needs proof that Dean is up to the job of wielding the deadliest of weapons and Dean doesn’t disappoint. While Cain sits back, shucking corn (this is not a euphemism), Dean kills three demons dead.


Awesome doesn’t begin to cover it. Side note? That was all Ackles. Stunt double? He don’t need your stinking stunt double.


And they call them…Sastiel

Yes, I know. I plagiarized myself. But seriously, it was wonderful seeing our favorite angel loving and caring for a Winchester two weeks in a row, and this time? It was our favorite Moose. Sam and Cas’ relationship has always been a little awkward. (Cas admitted to being more bonded to Dean, Sam did not return Cas’ PDAs, Cas called Sam an abomination. You know, typical stuff.) To see them team up this week and even HUG in one of the sweetest SPN moments ever was adorable. More Sam and Cas, please!

That’s Gonna Leave a Mark

Turns out? Cain doesn’t even have the First Blade. He threw it into the ocean to appease his peace loving human wife. What he does have is the Mark of Cain, given to him by Lucifer himself, and you need it to wield the world’s first murder weapon. Wondering how evil this mark is? It made Crowley do this.


Cain can transfer the mark to someone who is worthy, and, through Crowley’s machinations, Dean has proven he is.


Cain transfers the mark to Dean so that, after Crowley takes a bit of a swim, he can kill Abaddon and end the reign of the Knights of Hell forever. I’m sure it’s all going to go very smoothly. What could possibly go wrong? Cain dismisses the Odd Couple of hunting and wastes every demon who has come to stop them in an eerie red blast. After, in an oddly touching moment, Crowley tells Dean he is worthy of the job. Dean scoffs, of course, prompting Crowley to sum up Dean’s entire psyche: “Your problem, mate, is that nobody hates you more than you. Believe me. I’ve tried.” He ain’t wrong. Poor Dean. I wonder if Cas is handing out any more of those hugs.

Bonus photo? This is how the King of Hell drinks tea.


Gotta love his evil pinky.

So, Dean is marked with evil. Sam has lost his mojo. Metatron is still on the loose with Gadreel is still his stunt angel for hire. Abaddon is still world’s angriest ginger. What will happen? Who cares? GARTH IS BACK NEXT WEEK! And he may or may not be a werewolf. See you next time for “Sharp Teeth”.

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