We gave you shirts and now we have mugs! Fellow introverts, unite, alone, behind our own screens. Enjoy sipping your beverage of choice (we recommend our blend of S&C coffee) in these mugs that should keep people from talking to you while you do it.

Please go away.

Please Go Away I’m Introverting by TravelingTreeDesign

Openly introverted, but that still doesn’t mean I want to talk about it.

Openly Introverted by WeArePaperPlane

I’m booked solid.

Not Today I’m Booked by theGiftedMug

I can’t go out, way too people out there.

It’s Way To Peopley¬†by MadOliveShop

Go, team!

Team Introverts by MyFamilyTree

I love when you cancel our plans.

Canceled Plans by MariaBMakes

INFJ a.k.a. let me drink my coffee in peace. 

INFJ by kathywellerart

Sorry, not sorry?

Sorry I’m Late by MaxandMitchCo

Come back later, or not.

Introverting in Progress by HandcraftedWithJoy

Even after the coffee, I’m still an introvert, but the coffee helps me respond with words.

Introverted Until Coffee by mymugsandmore

Sip in peace, my fellow introverts!




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