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11 Accessories for Science Fashionistas

By Julia Park Tracey

We recently posted a list of delicious literary fashions and accessories, and wanted to include our science nerd friends in another roundup. For your brainiac bestie or your supergeek self, here are some fashion and accessories with #science in mind:


  1. Leggings from Lotus Leggings include these rainbow-y Periodic Table leggings, robot styles, some Star Wars and AI inspirations, and a version in #anatomy flavor, too.


  1. We found the shoes to wear with those leggings: These custom hightops, from Etsy seller Zurcir.


  1. Sure, maybe it’s the DNA or the atoms that get all the attention, but you couldn’t see those without a microscope. Show off the tool of your trade with this understated pendant.


  1. Chemical romance? Why not make it even sassier with the addition of #chemistry beaker earrings? Pretty aqua-colored liquid could be an acid or a base, but in fact is hand-cut resin with surgical steel posts (how appropriate).


  1. Café Press has a galaxy of science T-shirts, with slogans from “Never trust an atom; they make up everything,” to “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate.” Personally, we like the “I think I’ve found a way out of here,” featuring the formula for escape velocity. #spacetraveliscool


  1. Carry around all your goodies in a suitable-for-giving-to-anyone Women of Science tote bag, featuring Mae Jemison, Chien Shiung Wu, Marie Curie and Jane Goodall.


  1. Get a little fancier with a Petri dish-design clutch, or get the smaller version to carry your makeup. #biology #biohazardous


  1. This dress is just begging for an outing with all your cute accessories.


  1. Dinosaurs are cute for kids, but #paleontologists don’t work with cartoons. Get a cell phone case that says something serious about you and your work.


  1. Bathe yourself in vintage #astronomy behind this cool shower curtain featuring an 1850 skymap. And if you really like the design, you can get it on towels, T-shirts, bathmats and coffee mugs, too. A galaxy of choices, as it were.


  1. Because Sweatpants & Coffee is a web magazine about coffee, no listicle would be complete without a suitably nerdy coffee mug: Pi in the Sky is just what you need before work, during work, after work (with pie), and especially on March 14, Pi Day.

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