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11 Charming Bradley Cooper GIFs

By Shandle Blaha

Award-winning, handsome, talented, piercing blue eyes, funny and charming what more could you want in a celebrity crush? Bradley Cooper checks all those boxes, plus some. In honor of his birthday here are 11 of his most charming GIFs.

Bradley Cooper GIF

Those eyes…

Bradley Cooper GIF

Those abs…

Bradley Cooper GIF

That laugh…

Bradley Cooper GIF

That dreamy look…

Bradley Cooper GIF

That passion when reading…

Bradley Cooper GIF

Those sweet dance moves…

Bradley Cooper GIF

That perfect face…

Bradley Cooper GIF

Nobody holds a spoon better.

Bradley Cooper GIF

Take your own advice handsome!

Bradley Cooper GIF

Thank you, we think you are too. 

Happy Birthday, Bradley Cooper!

Bradley Cooper GIF

We love you too. 

In need of a Bradley fix? Burnt where Bradley stars as a chef,

Bradley Cooper Burnt

and Serena featuring Bradley as a rugged lumberBarronn are currently streaming now on Netflix.

Serena Bradley Cooper

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