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Sunday January 20 marks Penguin Awareness Day, the perfect opportunity to celebrate these amazing, aquatic, flightless birds.  There are 20 known species of penguins, all native to the southern hemisphere.  They use their wings like flippers under water, with Gentoo penguins reaching speeds of 22 mph! While all penguins are black and white, nature’s way of helping with camouflage from predators, some have colorful beaks or shading which adds to their whimsical charm. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day 2019 than with some fun, penguin-themed items in our curated gift guide:


This adorable, stainless steel thermos is not just for kids.


Cocktail Shaker

And while we are on the subject of drinks, I’m sure you know someone who needs this penguin cocktail shaker.


Emperor penguins are breathtaking, and this Penguinzilla t-shirt will show the world just how much you appreciate their majestic awesomeness.

Giant Plush

While this giant stuffed penguin is labeled as “perfect for a kid’s room,” I beg to differ. I could happily lounge on this over-sized plush sensation for hours,

Wall Art

Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and this is the perfect gift for penguin-loving bibliophiles,


For the littlest of penguin lovers, this 100% cotton hoodie is sure to please,

Spinning Lamp

The family of penguins on this Canadian-made, rice-paper spinning lamp will delight any penguin aficionado,

The Penguin Lessons

There are a lot of non-fiction books about penguins, but none better than Tom Michell’s “The Penguin Lessons,”

And Tango Makes Three

And for the kids, Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell’s “And Tango Makes Three,” the true story of a non-traditional family, two male penguins at the Central Park Zoo, who want a family of their own.


The best way to keep your penguin books organized is with penguin bookends, of course. And these original bookends from Penguin Press books (now a division of Random House), are a collector’s item,

Wrapping Paper

Finally, every one of these gifts will need to be wrapped, so why not in penguin paper?


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