We’ve all been there, we see a post that enrages us and can’t help but scroll down and read the comments and then suddenly our inner keyboard-warrior takes over. WE. MUST. PROVE. THEM. WRONG. Enter, Ryan Reynolds. He’s sexy, talented and hilarious. Is there anyone better than him to help you express yourself via GIF in an internet debate? I think not. No need to get nasty. Let Ryan do the talking for you.

When your family member comments on your Facebook debate with nonsense.

When the thread owner deletes it before you were done making your epic response.

When a friend backs you up with facts.

When they cite known conspiracy theory sites as proof of their point.

When they’ve realized how wrong they are and start apologizing. (I’ve never seen this happen, but maybe someday…)

When someone butts into a rousing debate and starts to troll.

When their barely coherent ramblings accidentally prove your point.

When they repeat themselves over and over again.

When a stranger joins your side and writes in complete sentences.

And when you’ve declared your victory and are walking away from your keyboard a winner.




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