In 2006 a little film called Step Up graced our theaters and the world was properly introduced to the smooth, sexy moves of Channing Tatum. After the success of Step Up he went to steal our hearts in Dear John, make us laugh in 21 Jump Street and then danced his way into our pants in Magic Mike.

Here he is showing off his moves on SNL.

Channing Tatum SNL dancing GIF


Channing Tatum Vogue dancing GIF

Working it in Magic Mike.

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike GIF

Channeling his inner-Bey on Lip Sync Battle.

Channing Tatum Beyonce Lip Sync Battle GIF

We all know Channing can dance, but did you also know he looks extra yummy when holding cute animals?

He’s adorable with puppies.

Channing Tatum puppy GIF

And kitties!

Channing Tatum cat GIF

He doesn’t just have the looks to make us swoon, he also has the words.

Channing Tatum Beautiful GIF


Channing Tatum GIF

He looks great no matter what he’s wearing.

Whether it’s this dashing suit…

Channing Tatum suit GIF

These totally casual sweatpants…

Channing Tatum sweatpants GIF

Or nothing at all.

Channing Tatum topless GIF


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