Looking to bring a little extra fun to this year’s Easter celebrations? We’ve rounded up 12 delicious Easter recipes that will do just that. Featuring fun Easter ingredients like creme-eggs, mini-eggs, peeps, and hot cross buns, these recipes for truffles, sugar cookie bars, ice cream sandwiches, milkshakes, marshmallow bark, sweet bread and more are sure to delight young and old alike.

1. Peeps Drip Cake from Chelsweets

From the website: “Nothing screams Easter more than peeps, and their bright colors were the main inspiration for this cake. Not only does the color scheme of this cake matches the peeps, there’s also a checkerboard pattern hiding inside the cake!!”

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2. Cadbury Mini Egg Cake Dip from And They Cooked Happily Ever After

From the website: “This one couldn’t be easier or more addicting.  It’s like getting to lick the last few strips of cake batter left in the bowl over and over and OVER again.  With mini egg chunks.  Booosh.”

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3. Carrot Cake Truffles from Inspired by Charm 

From the website: “These Carrot Cake Truffles are a delicious combination of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting dipped in white chocolate. You’re going to love them!”

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4. Easter Sugar Cookie Bars from Pink When 

From the website: “These ooey-gooey treats are some of my favorites when it comes to Easter desserts. They are delicious, easy, and they disappear in a flash. If you’re looking to make an impression this Easter, check out these easy Easter Sugar Cookie Bars.”

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5. Easter Marshmallow Bark from Fake Ginger

From the website: “Easter Marshmallow Bark – the cutest Easter treat! Pastel marshmallows coated in white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. No bake and takes about 10 minutes to make!”

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6. Bunny Bait Popcorn from Live Sweet Blog 

From the website: “This recipe was so simple and so yummy!”

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7. Cadbury Creme Egg Milkshake from Chocolate Moosey

From the website: “Your favorite Cadbury creme egg dessert in milkshake form! Chocolate ice cream and homemade fondant cream blended together for a sinful Cadbury Creme Egg Milkshake, just in time for Easter.”

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8. Easter Mini Lemon Tarts from Yummiest Food

From the website: “Easy Easter Mini Lemon Tarts are the most refreshing little bite of something sweet and delicious! Simple, quick and easy dessert is perfect idea for Easter, spring and Mother’s Day!”

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9. Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwiches from Supergolden Bakes

From the website: “Hot cross bun ice cream sandwiches with no-churn ice cream – pure indulgence to round off your Easter feast! “

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10. Traditional Sweet Italian Easter Bread from Wine a Little Cook a Lot

From the website: “Traditional sweet Italian Easter bread is braided and baked with a hint of lemon and anise.  It’s made with Easter eggs baked in the middle, then glazed and decorated with sprinkles.”

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11. Easter Bunny Chow from Crafty Morning

From the website: “Make this adorable Easter bunny chow! A twist on muddy buddies! The pastel candies make it perfect for spring time.”

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12. Easter Egg Fruit Pizza from Persnickety Plates

From the website: “Easter Egg Fruit Pizza is a festive sugar cookie fruit “pizza” with strawberry cream cheese frosting topped with fresh berries. You can make it super simple with a sugar cookie mix or make it from scratch.”

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Kirsten Clark is a high school English and Social Studies teacher, a reader, a runner, a writer, a lover of good food, and most importantly, a new mom. Kirsten lives in Vermilion, Alberta with her husband, and since welcoming a baby boy last December, she is embracing the new adventure of motherhood with all of its ups and downs. She occasionally blogs at shelooksforadventure.com, and posts regularly on Instagram @kirstenlanae. Find her on Twitter also.

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