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12 Reasons Dean Winchester Is Better Than Pie

Dean Winchester, played by Jensen Ackles, is one half of the Winchester brothers, the demon-busting duo on the CW network’s Supernatural. He along with his brother Sam have gone to Hell and back quite a few times in order to save the world. But if that isn’t enough reason to love him, we’ve got 12 more for you:

1. He can break your heart with his OPT (one perfect tear.)



2. He comes up with the best nicknames.

Dean Winchester Dumbledork


3. He gives great hugs.

Supernatural Sam and Dean hugging


4. He doesn’t care that he doesn’t care.

Dean don't care 1Dean don't care 2

Dean don't care 3Dean don't care 4


5. He’s very concerned about personal hygiene.

Dean hygiene 1Dean hygiene 2

Dean hygiene 4Dean hygiene 3


6. He throws a hell of a punch.

Dean Winchester punch


7. He looks good in a crown.

 Dean Winchester crown


8. He’s not afraid to show his feelings.

Dean Winchester feelings


9. He knows how to prioritize.

Dean Winchester prioritizing


10. He rocks a fedora.

Dean Winchester fedora


11. He has the power to make your ovaries explode.

Dean Winchester holding baby


12. He’s adorable when he’s shy.

Dean Winchester shy


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5 Comments on 12 Reasons Dean Winchester Is Better Than Pie

  1. The five second rule is thown out the window.

  2. i agree with all of them 🙂

  3. My ovaries actually DID explode. #lesigh

  4. One. Perfect. Tear. <3 He is the ONLY actor in my 20 years on this planet to make me cry TEARS during any TV show/Movie. Only animals have normally managed to make me cry… <3 Jensen.

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