Need a little relaxation break? These GIFs are the visual equivalent of a soothing spa session. Okay, maybe not exactly like that. But try doing some deep breaths while you take a few minutes to chill out. Wooosahhhhhh….

Just Relax Cat GIF

Look at that little kitty belly and just breathe.

baby leopard dude chill relax

Baby leopard is wise. Listen to him.

Relaxing cat massage cute

This cat’s level of relaxation is goals.

Pokemon pikachu togepi relaxing floating

Even Pokemon know the benefits of relaxation.

Relaxing Corgi bathrobe remote couch chilling

Or maybe a nice couch potato day.

Aziz Ansari relaxing cozy

In fact, you don’t even have to be a couch potato. You can just bury yourself in cushions.

relaxing chilling gecko rocking chair

Or rock back and forth in a non-traumatized way.

tiny owl massage relaxing chilling

We’re also huge fans of head massages.

relaxing chilling puppy napping sleepy

And naps.

breathe in breathe out

Just breathe in….and out….

True and the rainbow kingdom relax breathe chill

Like so.

drake pancakes relax chill nap

And soon you will be as calm and relaxed as Drake in a pancake.


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