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12 T-Shirts For Bookworms

Do you stay up way past your bedtime reading? Were you the kid who read under the covers with a flashlight because you just had to finish that last chapter? Do you compulsively sniff books? If so, we think you’ll enjoy this collection of t-shirts.

1. My Paradise

Library tshirt

My Paradise tshirt closeup

2, Night Readings

Night Readings tshirt

Night Readings tshirt closeup

3. Book Is A Dream

Book Is A Dream tshirt

Book Is A Dream tshirt closeup

4. Reading Is Fabulous

Reading Is Fabulous tshirt

Reading Is Fabulous tshirt closeup

5. Compelling Compendium

Compelling Compendium tshirt

Compelling Compendium tshirt closeup

6. Certified Book Addict

Certified Book Addict tshirt

Certified Book Addict tshirt closeup

7. Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice tshirt

Pride And Prejudice tshirt closeup

8. Ishmael & Queequeg

Ishmael And Queequeg tshirt

Ishmael And Queequeg tshirt closeup

9. Help Wanted

Gandalf Share In An Adventure tshirt

Gandalf Share In An Adventure tshirt closeup

10. The Pit and the Pendulum

The Pit And The Pendulum tshirt

The Pit And The Pendulum tshirt closeup

11. Craigh Na Dun

Craigh Na Dun tshirt

Craigh Na Dun tshirt closeup

12. Through The Looking Glass

Through The Looking Glass tshirt

Through The Looking Glass tshirt closeup

Find these and more great designs at TeePublic.

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2 Comments on 12 T-Shirts For Bookworms

  1. How can I buy one of these from the Netherlands?

    • Sweatpants & Coffee // March 22, 2015 at 2:17 pm // Reply

      Ad, according to the TeePublic site: “We ship worldwide to most countries on the planet. For international ship methods we offer UPS Mail Innovations 6-10 Days (No tracking) and USPS 1st class. Canadian customers have an option of UPS Mail Innovations, USPS 1st class and USPS priority mail.” You should just be able to order by clicking the name of the shirt you like in this post which will take you to their site and you can buy from there.

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