For some of us, the weekend is a time of total relaxation. It is a time to free ourselves of the bonds of restrictive clothing and social norms and imitate our brethren in the plant kingdom as we plonk ourselves down in front of our favorite show and answer the eternal question, “Play next episode?” If you need something to wear because you have dripped salsa all down the front of your PJs (you know, theoretically), check out these 12 t-shirts for couch potatoes.

  1. Lazy Club – Remote Riders

Lazy Club Remote Riders

  1. Couch Potato: A Self Portrait

Couch Potato Self Portrait

  1. It’s Still A Marathon

Netflix Marathon

  1. Lazy Club – Binge Watch Champion

Binge Watch Champion

  1. All Set For The Weekend

All Set For The Weekend

  1. Netflix Junkie

Netflix Junkie

  1. As Seen In Front Of The TV

As Seen In Front of the TV

  1. Binge Watching

Binge Watching

  1. Life Is More Exciting On TV

Life Is More Exciting On TV

  1. TV Heart

TV Heart

  1. Just One More Episode

Just One More Episode

  1. I Only Care About TV

I Only Care About TV







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