For those of us who truly appreciate the caffeinated nectar that is coffee, these GIFs tell the story of our lives. The feels are real, people.

1. When your friend tries to talk to you while you are mid-coffee:

2. When someone tells you you drink too much coffee:

3. When your coffee understands you the best:

4. When fall is finally here:

5. When you need that extra boost of productivity:

6. When you try to explain the importance of coffee in your life:

7. When you think back to that magical moment when you first discovered coffee:

8. When some monster has drunk all the coffee and failed to make a fresh pot:

9. When you’re just trying to brace yourself for the day ahead:

10. When someone tells you they don’t drink coffee:

11. When someone tries to touch your coffee:

12. When you’re mad but coffee helps you hold your tongue:

13. When you know your coffee is making you AWESOME:




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