The gifting dilemma is an every-year occurrence. I cannot tell you how many times I ask someone “what do you want?” and they reply “ Oh.. I dunno”. That doesn’t help me! That does the opposite of that! But this year my new arsenal consists of thinking about what I know that person enjoys and gifting them a box that’ll be curated to fit perfectly. Here are some of my favorite finds for this holiday season.

Sparkle Hustle Glow Box: Being a Lady Boss takes hard work and fly accessories (Yes. I did just use FLY!)

Sparkle Hustle Glow Box

Sweatpants & Coffee Gift Round-up, Cratejoy

Introverts Retreat: All the ladies in the house who don’t want to leave the house… I see you.

Introverts Box

Sweatpants & Coffee Gift Round-up, Cratejoy

Surf Shop Box: When the beach is too far to drive, but that laid-back lifestyle you just won’t quit.

Surf Shop Box

Sweatpants & Coffee Gift Round-up, Cratejoy

Accio! : Because who couldn’t use a little more magic?

Accio! Box

Sweatpants & Coffee Gift Round-up, Cratejoy

The Artisan Box by Globen: Bringing the world to you until you can go to it.
The Artisan Box

WODBOM: For The CrossFit Fanatic that just needs more CrossFit.

Salty Crate: Spa time brought to your doorstep.

Southern Cigar Co. : For the guy (or gal) who just can’t get enough of the scent of cedar and tobacco.

For the kiddos:

Sensory TheraPlay Box: For little hands and minds to feel the world around them.

MyBookBox: Perfect for that kid (or pre-teen, or teen) that devours books like I devour coffee.

Club Scikids Lab: Introducing the next generation to the wonderful world of science and technology through activities and imagination.

Bookakery Box: For the little baker with a big imagination. Picture book, recipe, and baking tools included!

Tribe of Little Readers: If you start ‘em young their imaginations will run wild forever; and so the love story of books will begin.

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