Jake Gyllenhaal has the perfect face for expressing your mood for those everyday situations we all find ourselves in when words just won’t do.

When you make it in time to order off the brunch menu.

Jake Gyllenhaall GIF

When you know you’re right.

When you look up and can’t believe you still have another hour left of work.

Jake Gyllenhaal GIF

When your boss calls yet another meeting that could’ve been an email.

Jake Gyllenhaal Donnie Darko GIF

When your kids try to tell you they’ve already cleaned their rooms, but you know better.

Jake Gyllenhaal GIF

When you can’t believe that your crush responded to your text.

When you have to pump yourself up to have that hard conversation.

When your outfit is on point.

When your joke makes the whole table laugh.

When you get invited to yet another child’s birthday party.

When you have to repeat yourself, again.

When you’re debating that latest episode with your spouse.

When someone accidentally gives you decaf.

When you are telling someone that they are so wrong.

And bonus gratuitous shirtless bearded Jake GIF, because reasons…


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