Confession: I have a collection of over ten coffee mugs.

Coffee Mug Projects

Intervention necessary? Maybe.

Image credit: Kathy Kitzmiller

Every time I find a new one, my husband will give me a look and say, “Really, babe?” Um, yes. Yes, husband. REALLY. I love them so much. I try to find what I can on clearance racks, and of course, there’s my favorite option: DIY.

I have scoured the world of DIY coffee mugs and pulled together my favorite 15 projects you can do yourself and for a nice price!

One of my favorite trends right now is the use of gold highlights. It’s a trend I can’t really bring into my home easily as it clashes with the rest of my decorating theme. I can, however, put it on all the mugs I want!

Coffee Mug Projects 2
& Cozy Old Farmhouse

Do you take your morning cup of joe on the go? Check out this adorable hot tumbler project. They are fast and easy, and did I mention adorable?

Coffee Mug Projects 3
Studio DIY

Let me not neglect iced coffee fans. During spring and summer, iced coffee is my favorite errand-running drink. And who doesn’t love glitter? This glitter project is so easy, it will blow your mind. My second favorite iced tumbler is a vinyl project – just as easy as the glitter, and oh, so fancy.

Coffee Mug Projects 4
The Crafted Sparrow
& The Lil Things Blog

I know that some will tell you “chalk all the things” is long over, but it’s a trend I just can’t let go of. I love these fast and easy chalk mugs. This is great for parties, gifts, or if you are like me, four kids who constantly yell, “Hey, who drank from my cup?”

Coffee Mug Projects 5
Wit & Whistle

Ahhh, Anthropologie. I love you. I hate you. I love you all over again. My wallet? Yeah, my wallet isn’t speaking to you. This Anthro knock off mug is hand painted, but fret not. You do NOT have to be an artist to pull it off! Also, ombre will never die. This hand painted ombre mug is fast, easy, and super affordable. You can get the paint used for under a buck at your local craft store.

Coffee Mug Projects 6
The Patriotic Peacock
& Christine & Co

The Sharpie mug is definitely your best bet if you are worried about difficulty. There really is no wrong way to do these. You can choose your own design, or heck, just write your name!

Coffee Mug Projects 7
Living Your Creative
& Today’s Creative Blog

Make a statement. Do you have a favorite mantra? A love of poetry? Or do you just need to tell people not to even bother with you before 9 a.m.? Try this one for yourself or a friend who just #CANTEVEN before coffee.

Coffee Mug Projects 8
Melinda Anne Faulk

Dipped mugs: these contemporary mugs have so many options. My favorites? Glitter, of course, and paint-dipped. Both are long lasting when done right, and you can make adorable sets.

Coffee Mug Projects 9
Creative Green Living
& The Merry Thought

Tissue paper mugs: I am digging this new trend. It is adorable. One simple four pack of tissue, a little Modge Podge, and boom! Cute mug you made yourself!

Coffee Mug Projects 10

This last mug is a little difficult to pull off. I have seen many wins and fails. It might take you a few tries till you get it right, but check out this payoff. Gorgeous, right?

Coffee Mug Projects 11
The Merry Thought

Have you tried your own DIY mug? Tag us on IG @sweatpantsandcoffee with your DIY mug and we might repost it!

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