We at Sweatpants & Coffee are big fans of the show New Girl, and we have a special place in our hearts for the grumpy, turtle-faced Nick Miller, played by Jake Johnson. We think he’d be a terrific roomfriend. In fact, here are 15 reasons we think so.

1. He makes you feel good about your hobbies.

Nick Miller Watch TV All Day

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2. He reassures you when you are having relationship troubles.

Nick Miller the kind of girl a guy would come back for

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3. He’s in touch with his feminine side.

Nick Miller warm in my uterus

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4. He’s a wordsmith.

Nick Miller compare thee to a summer's day 1

Nick Miller compare thee to a summer's day 2

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5. He’s concerned about dining etiquette.

Nick Miller which for to kill myself with

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6. He observes proper oral hygiene.

Nick Miller brushing teeth

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7. He knows about movies.

Nick Miller watch any sports movie

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8. He would be the best superhero ever.

Nick Miller Underpants Captain

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9. He can be very philosophical.


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10. He’s aging gracefully.


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11. He’s very practical.


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12. He’s creative when it comes to clothing.



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13. He’ll hold your purse.


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14. He helps you to learn new words.

Nick Miller penis 1Nick Miller penis 2


Nick Miller penis 3Nick Miller penis 4

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15. We’ll let this one speak for itself.

Nick Miller Jess Day kiss

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