1. There is never enough coffee.

  1. You lose a precious hour of sleep, which makes you stay awake worrying about losing sleep so you lose two hours of sleep.


  1. You rationalize your sleepiness and general feelings of confusion by attributing it to DST for far longer than is actually valid…. like until the next time we turn clocks.

  1. More hours of sun = means more hours of productivity = less time for Netflix binges.

  1. Your phone resets itself, but you have to go around the house and figure out how to change the time on your microwave, your stove, and whatever else, which is total BS. My car is wrong six months out of the year because I can’t figure the damned thing out.

  1. Your alarm goes off an hour earlier.

  1. “Spring Forward” sounds way too peppy for something that is going to leave me sleep-deprived for months.

  1. Feeling pressure to “go out and enjoy the sun.”


  1. Your children will be even harder to wake up in the morning and put to sleep at night. They accuse you of waking them up in the middle of the night and making them go to bed in the middle of the day.

  1. Not every state does it, so figuring out Skype dates with your friends in different time zones is now impossible.

  1. The Southern Hemisphere gains an hour while the Northern loses one, making us all part of some wibbly-wobbly-timey-wimey confusion.

  1. Your meals get thrown off; you aren’t hungry at lunch time but starving two hours later which leads to dinner being later and the next thing you know you are eating cereal in bed. (Okay, that might be a plus.)

  1. The grudge you will bear against your job for no reason because you feel like you had to come in to work an hour earlier than usual, which makes no sense.

  1. Irrationally justifying staying up too late. “It’s ten, I should go to bed. Oh, but it’s REALLY only nine.” *stays up until midnight, screws up whole next day*

  1. That there is always that one person who uses it as an excuse to be late, even though now, in the age of smartphones, it is LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to screw it up.

  1. For people in customer service jobs (or for people who have to interact with other people for other reasons, for which they do not get paid {WHO WOULD DO THAT?}), this becomes The Small Talk Topic of the Day, making you hate it EVEN MORE, especially because you didn’t get enough sleep to deal with these people.

  1. And why must we change them on a Sunday in the middle of the night? Why can’t we spring forward on a Friday at 4 instead? Getting us home early for the weekend would be a nice perk.

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