As we all know, the shower is where some of our most profound (and often weird) thoughts occur. Here are some thoughts that will make you laugh, scratch your head, and probably ponder later in the shower.

  1. Take THAT!

2. Who tends the chicken tender, though?

3. J.K. Rowling, take note.

4. Dance like you’re practicing self-care.

5. Would totally make sense.

6. We’re all just taking turns using carbon.

7. The other ants are probably pissed.

8. Never thought gravity like that.

9. Well, writing IS therapeutic.

10. This is undeniably true.

11. Maybe they’re just happy doggos.

12. How adorable is that?

13. So THAT’S why they do that!

14. I demand to speak to the manager.

15. Where is the lie, tho?

16. Yay for flying wormies!

17. Someone should have told Sandra Bullock.

18. You can never unknow this.

19. What’s mine is mine.

20. Take comfort in this fact.

21. Mmmm…fermented plant juice.

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