It’s February, and do you know what that means? Love is in the air! From chocolatey treats to cheesy cards and flowers galore, February is traditionally known as the month to show your love and celebrate all of your special relationships—not only with your friends, family, or romantic partners but also with yourself!

You don’t have to wait for Cupid to strike you with his arrow to feel the love this month. Instead, honor the love you have for yourself by practicing these self-love ideas:

1.   Pamper Yourself

Although you should already be integrating self-care rituals into your everyday routine, let’s face it— sometimes, there’s just not enough time in the day. Between our professional, personal, and social lives, finding an adequate amount of time to focus on and care for ourselves solely isn’t always easy or top of mind. That’s why February is the perfect time to unapologetically pamper yourself.

Giving yourself some extra TLC can seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! Sure getting away to a spa may seem like the ideal way to treat yourself, but it’s not always the most realistic option. If you’re living on a budget like most of us or are simply short on time, try pampering yourself in the comfort of your own home! What’re you waiting for? Turn on that essential oil diffuser and jump into your fuzziest bathrobe!

Once you’ve gotten comfortable, the rest is quite simple; do whatever it is that makes you feel good! Whether that be luxuriating in a warm bubble bath, restoring your complexion with rejuvenating skin-care products, or polishing yourself with a fresh, DIY mani/pedi, choose something that is both pleasurable and relaxing to you after a long day.

2.   Practice Performing Self-Affirmations

Everyone has their own unique way of expressing love. Some people may like to perform acts of service to show their affection, while others might prefer to purchase extravagant gifts. While these love languages may help to convey admiration, they’re not always the right way to communicate. Sometimes, the best way to express your love is through words of affirmations—and this goes for yourself too.

Affirmations are positive statements that people use to overcome negative thoughts and self-sabotage. Phrases like “I am enough” and “I love myself the way I am” are just a few examples that people use to evaluate the state of their heart chakra and support their inner being.

For this reason, February is a perfect time to begin practicing self-affirmations. Throughout the month (and even after), affirm the love you have for yourself each day by writing your self-affirmations down in a journal or by saying them aloud in the mirror. Even if it feels uncomfortable or doesn’t resonate with you from the start, the more often you repeat these types of phrases, the more likely you are to believe in them and yourself. In turn, this will allow you to enhance your self-esteem and take positive, forward-moving action to achieve inner peace.

3.   Take Yourself Out

Some people may find it odd to make a reservation for one, but just because you’re alone doesn’t make you any less deserving of a nice meal and a night out! Although it may feel awkward at first, doing solitary activities can serve to stimulate reconnection with your inner being.

You don’t have to limit yourself to only dinner, either. There are plenty of other types of dates you can go on that are equally as enjoyable to do without the company of another person. Some ideas may include going to the movies, attending a comedy show, or even grabbing a drink or two after a long day of work.

No matter what solo-date you choose to go on, it’s important to remember that doing things that aren’t part of your normal routine is part of the fun in celebrating the month of love! So, rather than getting caught up in the idea that being taken out is meant strictly for “conventional dates,” use this time to re-write the script by focusing on self-love.

4.   Declutter Your Space

Lastly, devote this self-love month to decluttering and reorganizing your personal space. This can be a freeing activity that can powerfully improve your mood and help elevate the energy of your home.

Instead of viewing this as a chore, declutter your space in a way that’s both practical and peaceful. Start by grabbing a few boxes and labeling them as “Trash,” “Recyclables,” “Donate,” and “Put Away.” This will make it easier for you to determine what is and what isn’t worth keeping.

To make it all the more fun, turn on one of your favorite tv shows or crank up the tunes while you complete this activity! Once you’re finished, celebrate your new, put-together space by lighting a scented candle and unwinding with a face mask. You deserve it!

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