During the holiday season songs like, Deck The Halls, have told us ’Tis the season to be jolly…’  but, what if you are feeling the complete opposite, and find yourself overwhelmed and stressed during this season?

I work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Addiction Therapist, I’ve put together a list of my top five mobile apps to help you ease into this holiday season feeling a bit jollier and hopefully less overwhelmed.

  1. Virtual Hope Box by National Center for Telehealth & Technology

This is one of my favorite apps to recommend. It allows the user to add photos and memories, check out coping skills, offers games to distract you or relax you. It is a great app if you are feeling overwhelmed or uncomfortable in a situation and need a brief escape.

  1. Hallmark Movie Checklist by Hallmark Channel

For some Hallmark Movies have become an added tradition for their festivities at the holidays. What better way to keep track of the movies you have seen, and the movies that are to come than by downloading the official checklist!

  1. Moods: Mental Health Tracking by Mokriya LLC

This app is a new one I recently discovered. The reason I enjoy it is that it allows a person to keep track of their moods each day. The user is able to add descriptive tags to their emotions. It is important to keep track of our moods and how we are feeling each day. This will enable us to see what could be attributing to the fluctuation in our mood or behaviors.

  1. Make Talk by Connie Yang

This app is fantastic for starting conversations at holiday parties. It has prompts listed from light hearted questions all the way to deep intense conversations. This is a great app that you can open discretely to look through or look over prior to an event and keep the questions in the back of your mind.

One trick that I use is to text myself things that I want or need to remember. If you pick your top 5 questions and message yourself them, no one will notice when you unlock your phone and look at a text.

  1. #SelfCare by Tru Luv Media, Inc.

Lastly, definitely not least, is an app called #selfcare. Self-care is an important component to mental health and this app does an amazing job making self-care simple. The app provides a complete tutorial on self-care and is especially handy on days when we can physically feel the effects from lack of energy and busy schedules.


Kim Milton, LCSW, CADC

Kim is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Addiction Therapist. She is the co-founder of Connect Online Counseling (www.connectonlinecounseling.com). Connect is a HIPAA Compliant Video and Text Therapy site that allows you to connect to Licensed Clinical Therapists from anywhere.



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