There are those of people who like to cook and then there are people who completely nerd out. Like, they read books about cooking. And not just for the recipes. They have specific, sometimes obscure implements for performing certain culinary tasks. They own Kenji Alt Lopez’s nearly-1000 page masterpiece and they kinda-sorta-totally have a crush on Alton Brown.

Alton Brown cooking nerd

If you are one of these people or you know one of these people, you need to check out these boxes of kitchen nerdery. They will bring gourmet geekiness right to your door every month, and pretty much everyone wins when you indulge your chef fantasies.

For the gadget-lover: Quoco Now

Quoco Now Cratejoy subscription box kitchen gadgets tools

If you’ve never met a gadget you didn’t love, your idea of heaven is running amok in Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table, and you enjoy learning how to use new tools, you will love Quoco Now. It’s like a toy box but for grownups!

For the adventurous chef: Spice Madam

Spice Madam Cratejoy subscription box world cuisines flavors culture

Do you have an adventurous palate? Wish you could travel the world and indulge in exotic cuisines? You don’t need a passport. Spice Madam will bring the world to your kitchen with thoughtfully curated spices and recipes.

For the discerning baker: Box2Bake

Box2Bake Cratejoy subscription box baking organic

This isn’t your ordinary baker’s box. Box2Bake features international recipes and organic ingredients that will take your baking game to the next level.

For the creative chef: Culinarie Kit

Culinarie Kit Cratejoy subscription box spices oils rubs

This is the essential subscription box for creative home chefs. These spices, oils, and rubs sourced from artisan vendors are sure to inspire and so will the tools and tips included in each box from Culinarie Kit.

For the friendly foodie: Tenth & Hickory

Tenth & Hickory Cratejoy subscription box Share the meal

Bake, grill, mix, pour, brew – Tenth & Hickory is here to help you cook (and eat) better! Maybe your style is French farmhouse or maybe you want to make some killer ribs. Enjoy heirloom style tools, the best fixings, and new recipes every month. And best of all, for every box sold, Tenth & Hickory will donate a day’s worth of food to Share The Meal.

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