The problem with making healthy eating choices as that they might require extra planning, and fast food is so easy and, well, fast. These simple to prepare, nutritious dinners will make it easier to eat well at lunch – just make a little extra and pack it the next day.

1. Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad by Eating Well 101

From Eating Well 101: “This salad is so light, flavorful, and easy to make! If you love grilled chicken and avocado, you’ll go crazy for this healthy combo lightened up with a zesty lime juice dressing. Perfect for your next barbecue or potluck!”

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2. Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet by Primavera Kitchen

From Primavera Kitchen: “This Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet will be ready to dig in less than 30 mins and you will be amazed by the flavourful of it. It’s a perfect ONE-PAN meal for your family to enjoy!”

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3. Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta by Budget Bytes

From Budget Bytes: “Easy wins again! I’m on day 6 of an 8 day work week, so that means two things: I’m tired and I’m hungry. Quick skillet pasta dishes like this Creamy Tomato and Spinach Pasta are perfect for such an occasion. They require only a few ingredients, cook up super fast, and leave me feeling full and happy!”

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4. 20-Minute Healthy Sausage and Veggies One-Pot by Eating Well 101

From Eating Well 101: “This one-pot sausage and veggies is a down home, healthy, inexpensive, and delicious meal that you’ll love to make again and again. Baby potatoes are quickly stir fried then paired with savory sausage, sweet bell peppers and zucchini for a mediterranean touch. Perfect for busy weeknights or those nights when you just don’t feel like cooking!”

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5. Whole Grain Pasta With Broccoli and Chicken Sausage by Fork Knife Swoon

From Fork Knife Swoon: “This flavorful pasta dish is a perfect compromise: soul-satisfying in the way that a big bowl of pasta should be, but packed with healthier ingredients in the form of whole grain penne pasta, lots of garlic, and dark green, broccoli florets. I toss in some chicken sausage (studded with sundried tomatoes) and a good bit of Parmesan, because really, what is pasta with parm?”

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