A good podcast can be great company in the car, during your workout, or when you’re puttering around the house. And a podcast that inspires, uplifts, and entertains you is even better. Here are five podcasts we love that fit the bill.

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Terrible, Thanks for Asking

We are absolutely in love with this podcast by Nora McInerny which is in turns funny, sad, honest, raw, uncomfortable, and inspirational. It’s about what’s really going on when someone asks you how you are and really, you are falling apart inside, and how talking about the things we don’t talk about makes us feel less alone in our mess.

Sincerely, X

Many of us are familiar with TED Talks (the acronym stands for technology, education, and design). You may have seen the videos featuring talks given by experts on a variety of topics that often change the way we think about the world. This newest podcast from the folks at TED is different in that the talks featured are anonymous. They are recorded without an audience in a studio in New York, and somehow, it seems even more intimate because remaining anonymous seems to free the speakers to share their most important stories.

Where Should We Begin?

If you’re interested in the dynamics of relationships and the struggles that all couples experience, you will find this podcast by psychotherapist and New York Times best-selling author Esther Perel utterly compelling. It’s fascinating to hear her unravel the knots her clients find themselves in, using both expertise and deft compassion. And you may find yourself wanting to listen with your partner.

Everyday Bravery

Every day, all around us, people commit acts of bravery, big and small. This podcast hosted by Meg Wilcox and produced by Prudential celebrates the often unnoticed real life stories of courage and resilience. The people you hear could be your neighbors or coworkers. They could be you. Everyday Bravery reminds us that we are all capable of great hopes and dreams, and that inspiration is all around us if we remember to notice.

The Leap

This storytelling podcast from NPR focuses on tales of people who chose to take a risk and make dramatic life-changes. Award-winning reporters Amy Standen and Judy Campbell follow subjects on their journey. We find out what the turning point was, how it felt to make the decision, and how it changed them.

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