Are you an adventurous eater looking try a new ethnic cuisine? Or maybe you’re familiar with Korean food but don’t cook it and would like to try making some at home. Here are five great recipes to try.

Kim Chee Mandoo by Home Kine Grindz

From the website: “These babies are so tasty, you don’t even need sauce! needless to say, Mr. P and I ate the whole thing in less than 15 minutes, as we were standing by the kitchen counter talking! Good thing I snapped a couple of pics first!”

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Japchae: Korean Stir Fried Noodles by Hip Foodie Mom

From the website: “Whether you’re keeping it vegetarian or cooking with bulgogi, or adding some spice, this dish is versatile and delicious in so many ways. And it’s packed with veggies and my favorite sweet potato glass noodles! As a kid, Japchae was always a side dish. A side dish to kalbi or bulgogi or something else on the table. Because I pack so much into it, including bulgogi, we enjoy this as a main dish. I hope you give this recipe a try!”

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Kalbi – Easy Korean Short Ribs by KimcheeMari

From the website: “Kalbi or Galbi (Korean Short Ribs) – however you want to spell it, it is simply the best way to eat short ribs on the grill. My marinade is a very simple recipe because everything is done in the blender – no chopping needed!”

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Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice with Meat and Assorted Vegetables) by My Korean Kitchen

From the website: Bibimbap simply translates to “mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables“. You can make endless variations to this dish depending on your preference and dietary requirements (e.g. microgreens bibimbap) and also based on the dish/bowl it is served in (e.g. dolsot bibimbap and yangpun bibimbap).

More traditional and authentic versions of Bibimbap are made with raw beef and raw egg yolk along with other vegetables, but I prefer making mine with cooked ingredients.”

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Hotteok (Korean Sweet Pancakes) by My Korean Kitchen

From the website: “Learn to make popular Korean winter street food – Hotteok (Korean sweet pancakes). It’s crispy outside and inside is filled with sweet gooey indulgence!”

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