If you’ve got creative magic inside you but are having difficulty coaxing it out to play, these helpful and inspiring podcasts may be just what you need to get you going. And we’ve even included sample episodes to you can see if they’re right for you.

1. The Creative Introvert

From the website: “Introverts don’t have to become extroverts – and vice versa.

We just need to identify what it is that makes us light up, what energises us, what drains us – and do the best we can (WITHOUT apologising about it!) to live a life that suits our needs.

The work I’m doing at The Creative Introvert is to really drive home that simple message. There is no cookie-cutter approach to building a creative business or living the best life.”

Sample episode:

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2. Endless Beautiful

From the website: “Endless Beautiful Sessions feature audio recorded from a vast range of sources – trains speeding by, jumping in puddles, lighting matches, dolphins feeding along a sea wall, factory machines, woodland songbirds, bustling cafes… The diversity of sound is where the true magic of the EB Method comes in. Every audio clip is unique and each recording is used only once! We want to supply you with as many dynamic sources of inspiration as possible.

Our audio clips capture the entire context of any given recording setting, rather than a single sound in isolation. This recording style maintains the many-layered effect of the sounds, allowing you to tune in to the varying auditory elements and their influence on your creativity! When you listen to the Session, you should attempt to be as open as possible to exploring those layers. The easiest way to do this is to keep creating during the entire 15 minute duration of the session. If you manage to do this simple task of open and concentrated creativity for 15 minutes, you will come up with some surprising results!”

Sample episode:

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3. No Bad Ideas

From the website: No Bad Ideas is a storytelling gameshow where we take the worst ideas from the Internet and try to turn them into stories that are actually good.

It’s the creation of Gabriel Urbina, Sarah Shachat, and Zach Valenti, three writer and artist-types who, in order to stay fresh creatively, have an excuse to hang out with each other once a week, and check in on what they’re working on, take a terrible idea they found on the Internet each week and turn it into a compelling narrative. Or as close as they can get in 30 minutes.

If you’re someone trying to be creative yourself or even if you just appreciate a good story, you’ll enjoy listening to Zach, Sarah, and Gabriel figure out how to make sense of the best (worst?) absurdities the internet has to offer.”

Sample episode:

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4. Make Some Noise

From the website: “Karly Nimmo is a No. 1 iTunes podcaster, with three hit shows; Karlosophies, Keeping Good Company (now wrapped) and Make Some Noise. She’s a serial entrepreneur, mad creator, born communicator and connector with a crazy knack for getting you to connect to your truth and see life from a different perspective.”

Sample episode:

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Happy listening and happy creating!

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