I usually go alone on my business trips. However, after traveling with my family for Christmas I realized that traveling alone really is the way to go. Many people feel like traveling alone won’t be as fun, or that they will feel weird, or that there is no benefit to it, but that isn’t the case. Here are some reasons why traveling alone is a good thing.

  1. No Waiting– When you travel with someone you are always waiting. Waiting for them to get out of the shower, waiting for them to get ready, waiting for them to decide where to go, waiting for them to want to go someplace else. It’s more than annoying and you burn so much daylight. You get to do and see so much more when you don’t have to wait on anybody else.

  1. You’re the boss- You want to go to the dorky art museum? Good. Who is going to stop you or make you rush through the activities you are interested in. It is the worst feeling in the world when you are with someone and they are bored with what you wanted to do. Traveling alone lets you personalize your trip and you can do and see whatever it is you want.

  1. No sharing- Ever shared a hotel room as an adult with your parents or rowdy people? Sucks doesn’t it? Solo travel lets you have the whole place to yourself. No being kept awake by someone snoring or having to wait to use the bathroom here.

  1. You save money– There is always that one friend that wants to drink all the alcohol the bar has to its name and forces you to join in. Next thing you know, you spent your whole travel budget. What about the friend that wants to take a whole day to go shopping? Same thing happens. When you are by yourself you decide where you end up spending your money.

  1. It’s Peaceful- Sometimes you just need to get away from reality. Have you ever just wanted to shut your phone off and not be bothered or have a care in the world? Solo travel lets you do just that. You travel to a destination that you know you will enjoy and you go experience it without stress. Self love is the best love and what better way to treat yourself than to go spend some time by yourself in a little piece of paradise?


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