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5 T-Shirt Hacks to Update Your Closet on the Cheap

We’ve all got them—t-shirts that don’t fit, look dated, or are just plain boring—but we just don’t want to get rid of them. Save those sentimental duds and make them into ones you love to wear with these t-shirt total transformations!

Refashioned T-Shirt by Meggipeg

1. Turn Two Tight T-shirts Into One Flowy Top (With Pockets!) by Meggipeg

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Color Block Tees by UberChicForCheap

2. Make Two Plain Tees Into Color Block Shirts by UberChicforCheap

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T-Shirt to Vest by HowJoyful

3. Turn Two Tees Into a Vest for Layering by HowJoyful 

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T-Shirt Refashion by GreyLusterGirl

4. Turn Two T-shirts Into a Fashion Top by GreyLusterGirl

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T-Shirt with Lace Inserts by MarysThriftyChic

5. Add Lace Inserts to Make a Too Small T-shirt Larger by MarysThriftyChic

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