I love Melissa McCarthy in anything, but her guest host work on SNL really shows how far she’s willing to go for the laugh.  Jump out a window?  Yep.  Put her fingers in someone else’s mouth? Check.  Ride a balloon horse? Ummm… yes.

  1. “Arlene”

Jason Sudeikis deserves an Emmy for not laughing through this skit.  How did he not laugh?  Come ON!  Also, I’m never buying balloons shaped like horses.


  1. “Pick Up Artist”

Please enjoy Leslie Jones trying like hell not to laugh during the sketch, and not quite pulling it off.


  1. “Test Screening”

I cry-laugh every single time I see this.  It’s an ugly cry, too.  Look away from me!


  1. “PJ Doesn’t Fit In with Her Women’s Group”

PJ is just trying to live her best life, and she has goals just like you do.


  1. “Sean Spicer”

Spicey’s the greatest press secretary the world has ever seen.  PERIOD!

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