October 3rd has been unofficially declared Mean Girls Day. Fans of the movie know this is the day when Aaron Samuels turned to Cady and asked what the date was, and she said, “It’s October 3rd.”

Thus, #MeanGirlsDay was born. The Internet celebrates in many ways ,and here is how you can join the celebration:

  1. Play hooky and have a Mean Girls marathon! Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2 are currently streaming on Netflix.
  2. This year October 3 is a Wednesday, so be sure to wear pink!
  3. Follow the unofficial official Mean Girls Diet: breakfast – toaster strudel, lunch – cheese fries, and dinner – Taco Bell.

  4. Try to make “Fetch” happen. Use it in everyday conversation and use it in all your Tweets today.
  5. Channel your inner Damien and blast Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” while you get ready for the day, or while you’re doing boring chores.

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