"Happy New Year 2015" by Khanh Hmoong_

As the year draws to a close, everywhere you look, people have got out the metaphorical Measuring Tape of Life. It feels like we’re all standing, backs to the wall, trying to figure out where to put the pencil mark on this most recently completed journey around the sun. Maybe you’re making resolutions. Maybe you’d sooner spork your eyeballs out than make resolutions and you’re sick to death of hearing about everyone else’s. Maybe you think the New Year is simply an arbitrary construct. I used to start each New Year with a list of To Do’s, but around February, that got to be really depressing.

Instead, I’ve settled for some gentle I Wills:

This year, I will hold hands with my most evolved self so we don’t get separated or lost. I will practice kindness and self-care. Sometimes, that will look like compassionately letting go of toxic relationships and habits. Sometimes, that will look like stealing 20 minutes on the front step to enjoy the evening breeze and a cold beer. I will tell my stories with honesty and dedication. I will try very hard to reach out for help and to grab on when it is offered. I will say yes as often as possible.

On behalf of all of us at Sweatpants & Coffee, as a thank you for joining us in our travels, we’ve assembled some of our favorite quotes. I’m planning to print these out and stick them up around my office. May the year ahead bring you joy and peace.


Jen Pastiloff thank you quote_

Anne Lamott we are already found quote_

Ram Dass judgement quote_

Mary Oliver whimsical quote__

Neil Gaiman New Year quote_




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