As a mom, you probably rely on coffee more than any other human to get through your day. Whether you’re battling a mud-covered kid who refuses to take a bath or making dinner with little ones climbing your legs, coffee gets you through. It’s your saving grace, your fuel and, on some extra tough days, a lifeline.

However, if your go-to is a warm cup of joe, it’s time to switch up your routine and try something different — iced coffee. Moms everywhere are making the switch and you should too. Here’s why.

1. Gives You a Boost 

The number one reason why moms love iced coffee — and nearly every other caffeinated beverage — is because it gives them a much-needed energy boost. After three nights of no sleep, screaming children and poopy diapers, there’s nothing better than sucking down an entire tumbler of extra strong iced coffee. Sure, your eyes might not fly open and you may still fail to accomplish everything on your to-do list. However, it will help wake you up enough to get more done than usual.

If you really want a boost, put a few shots of espresso in your iced coffee throughout the day. Sip more during the morning and in the middle of that afternoon slump to keep your adrenaline pumping and your feet moving.

2. It’s Already Cold

Another reason why busy moms love iced coffee is because it’s already cold! If you make a warm cup of coffee each morning only to forget about it, reheat it every hour and never take a sip, you know what a blessing iced coffee can be. After all, when you have to worry about making breakfast and getting the kids to ready for school, actually drinking that coffee is the last thing on your mind.

So, do yourself a favor and make some cold brew. Then, enjoy sipping on that goodness all day long without ever worrying about it getting cold — because it already is!

3. Perfect for Moms On the Go

Because iced coffee is cold, it’s also the perfect beverage for moms on the go. Simply pour that liquid gold into a tumbler and hop in the car. You can also put it in a thermos or stainless steel mug to prevent the ice from melting on hot summer days. That way the cubes won’t melt and water down your coffee.

This chilly beverage may also be superior to hot coffee because if you spill it, you won’t scald yourself or the kids. Of course, your clothes will likely stain but at least you won’t end up with burns, right?

4. Easy to Make

Just like hot coffee, the cold version is quite easy to make, so it’s really no surprise that moms everywhere like to make it every morning. I mean, when all you have to do is brew, pour and mix, why wouldn’t you make a cup or two each day. It’s super convenient.

Of course, you have to wait a short while for the hot espresso or coffee to chill before making iced coffee, but that shouldn’t be a problem when you tend to forget about your cup of joe anyway. Otherwise, you can brew a pot and chill it in the fridge the night before. Then, in the morning, all you have to do is add cream and sugar. Easy as pie.

5. Customizable 

Speaking of easy, customizing your drink order will never be more simple than when you make your own iced coffee, especially if you’re particular about flavor. For example, your local coffee shop may not have oat or almond milk, but you probably do if you prefer it. Likewise, if you love peppermint and pumpkin pie syrup but can’t get them in your drink unless they’re in season, making your own iced coffee will be the best thing you’ll ever do.

Stock up on all your favorite syrups, creamers, milk and coffee grounds. Then, customize your iced beverage to perfectly suit your taste buds. Experiment with coffee flavors and be sure to try beans from Africa and Latin America. Many people say their subtle taste lends itself well to cold drinks. Don’t be afraid to try out different brewing techniques, too. Keurigs, french press, cold press, pour-over and traditional coffee makers are all fair game.

6. Helps Burn Fat

What if you could burn some fat just by sipping your favorite beverage every day? Girl, you’re already doing it! The caffeine in coffee — no matter the kind — increases metabolism, helping you burn more calories and, subsequently, more fat. One study even found that you may be able to reduce your body fat by about 4% if you drink four cups of coffee per day for six months.

So, while Karen struggles through her pilates class next door, have yourself a nice tall glass of iced coffee. There’s no shame in your game.

7. It Can Prolong Your Life

You want to become a grandma, right? Well, not right now, but maybe someday, and you want to spent as much time as possible with those adorable grandbabies. As it turns out, iced coffee can help you do that, too. A review of more than 200 studies found that drinking that yummy bean water can actually help you live longer. Moreover, consuming an extra cup each day could result in a 4% lower risk of mortality.

So, the next time someone accuses you of being a caffeine addict, just tell them you’re drinking from the fountain of youth. Odds are they’ll join you in chugging some iced coffee once you let them in on this little secret.

Iced Coffee Is Love, Iced Coffee Is Life

Iced coffee is a true lifesaver — in more ways than one. From blessing you with the energy to face the day and your whining kiddos to literally giving you a longer life, iced coffee is the clear winner here. So grab a tumbler and get brewing.

Jennifer Landis writes about parenting on RedTri and MommyBites. She enjoys hanging out with her daughters and drinking tea all day long. Tweet her cute baby photos @JenniferELandis or check out her latest posts on Mindfulness Mama.

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