I don’t know if you know, but our team at Sweatpants & Coffee are easily and highly amused by cat GIFs. Grab a cup of coffee and take a break from life and let these cats soothe your soul. 

Cat highfives human GIF

The best thing about cats (other than everything) is how they go through life doing whatever they want, pretty much whenever they want – with very little regard for how any of us HUMANS really feel about it.

Cat knocks things off table GIF

They don’t care if they are in the way.

Cat getting hit by toy train GIF

Or if they ruin your Facebook Live yoga class.

Cat photo bombs yoga video GIF

They never hide their feelings, whether it’s displeasure that you bought the wrong food (or cake.)

Cat in party hat with cake

Or they want to imitate human customs by grabbing you for a kiss.

Cat closeup hug GIF

But they will always let you know when they’re hungry.

Hungry kitten GIF

No matter how mean or crazy – cats provide love, comfort, and humor when we need it the most.

Cat in a party hat GIF

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