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8 Beautiful Quotes from David Bowie

Legendary rocker David Bowie left the planet on January 10, 2016 after a private battle with cancer, and for those of us who grew up loving his music, the world is a little less sparkly. However, we love the sentiment expressed in this Tweet:

Here are some of our favorite David Bowie quotes.

David Bowie quote Lazarus

David Bowie quote Talking about art

David Bowie quote Space Oddity

David Bowie quote Changes

David Bowie quote The prettiest star

David Bowie quote As the world falls down

David Bowie quote Under Pressure

David Bowie quote It won't be boring

Thanks for everything, David.

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1 Comment on 8 Beautiful Quotes from David Bowie

  1. These truly are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. And thank you, David Bowie, for being unapologetically yourself.

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