Cookbook author DeeDee Stovel once said that “a picnic is more than eating a meal, it is a pleasurable state of mind.” Stovel makes a good point. There’s something special about eating outdoors. We put away our phones and gadgets and focus on being present. We pay more attention to the natural world. We pay more attention to the people we’re with. We pay more attention to the taste of our food. We cook up recipes like pressed Italian picnic sandwiches, mediterranean pasta salad, strawberry lemon blondies, and the others included in this roundup. And we give ourselves completely to a pleasurable state of mind. July is National Picnic month. Is there anything better?

1. Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwiches from The Stay at Home Chef

From the website: “Picnics are a family favorite of ours. Spring, Summer, Fall, we like picnicking during them all! Pressed sandwiches are a perfect picnic item. They are also great for serving at luncheons, and baby/bridal showers. They are easy to put together and require making ahead so it is the perfect party and picnic food.”

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2. Fig, Goats Cheese & Prosciutto Baguette Sandwich from Picnic Lifestyle

From the website: “This prosciutto baguette has only three fillings yet is a stand out for flavour and longevity in the picnic basket. Using a quality crusty baguette, we like to use sourdough if possible, gives you the foundation for a picnic sandwich that will last – it may even get better with time.”

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3. Italian Pinwheels from Tornadough Alli

From the website: “The flavors and ingredients in this recipe mimic a traditional Italian sub, so they work together very well along with being a little easier to eat.”

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4. Mediterranean Pasta Salad from Gimme Some Oven

From the website: “Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s high time for the season of picnics, grill-outs, and patio parties to begin! Finally!! So to celebrate, I thought it was only appropriate to cool off some hot pasta, toss it with a bunch of fresh and zesty ingredients, and toss it in a bowl that’s perfect for passing around the picnic. That’s right, I made you some pasta salad!”

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5. Corn and Cucumber Picnic Salad from Love Foodies

From the website: “This is such a popular recipe all year round, whether it’s for a Thanksgiving table or a summer picnic, whenever you make this, it always goes fast and everyone asks for the recipe!”

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6. Easy Peach Tea Recipe from Passion for Savings

From the website: “You can make this for Mother’s Day, 4th of July, Weddings, Showers, or for your summer picnics! This is a great anytime drink recipe you will make over and over again!”

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7. Individual Berry No Bake Cheesecakes from Kitchen Sanctuary

From the website: “Crunchy biscuit base, creamy cheesecake filling and a juicy, sweet, berry topping. These blueberry and blackberry mason jar cheesecakes are quick and easy to make. Fantastic as a make-ahead dessert (they easily last a few days in the refrigerator) and they also make a great portable dessert for picnics and packed lunches.”

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8. Strawberry Lemon Blondies from Partylicious

From the website: “This strawberry blondie recipe is so easy to make from scratch! With white chocolate chips, fresh strawberries, and a slightly tart lemon flavor these blondies are the perfect summer dessert for your next potluck or picnic!”

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Kirsten Clark is a high school English and Social Studies teacher, a reader, a runner, a writer, a lover of good food, and most importantly, a new mom. Kirsten lives in Vermilion, Alberta with her husband, and since welcoming a baby boy last December, she is embracing the new adventure of motherhood with all of its ups and downs. She occasionally blogs at, and posts regularly on Instagram @kirstenlanae. Find her on Twitter also.

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