Some people think that making crepes should be left to the street vendors in Paris, or eaten only at a fancy brunch spot on the weekends. I say, non! Crepes are relatively easy to make and can be filled with all kinds of deliciousness, making them perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are a solid base for a vegetarian meal or dessert, and you can even make crepes for those following Keto or Gluten-Free diets! Here are eight recipes to get you started.

1. A Basic Crepe Recipe from Lauren’s Latest

From the website: “Making Crepes is faster, simpler and way easier than you think! Made with only 6 ingredients, this Crepe Recipe is even better than the ones you’d find in Paris! Fill with sweet or savory fillings, you will be coming back for seconds.”

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2. Keto Crepes from Lazy Girl

From the website: “Whether you’re trying out a Keto lifestyle or you just want to try a new approach to an iconic breakfast, this recipe is for you! They are not only easy to prepare but result in perfect, thin pancakes. Fill them with sweet or savory low carb fillings for the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert!”

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3. Savory Crepes with Turkey, Mushroom and Swiss Cheese from Mama Harris’ Kitchen

From the website: “These would be great in the Winter months to use up some of the holiday leftover meats, as well as in the summer months when you don’t want a super heavy meal. They’re quite tasty and even Mr. Harris was happily surprised by them, and he was very unenthusiastic about the idea of savory crepes. Being that I’m a huge mushroom fan, I added some and paired it with turkey and Swiss cheese. If you have chicken on hand, or even pork, that would be an excellent option as well. Don’t like mushrooms? You can add something else! The crepes are super tasty and I found myself filling them with any and all leftovers I had on hand.”

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4. Mushroom, Spinach and Goat Cheese Crepes from Imported Cheese Recipes

From the website: “These savory mushroom and spinach crepes with creamy Imported Goat Cheese and tangy Pecorino Romano cheese, really elevate weeknight suppers. Serve them with a side salad.”

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5. Gluten Free/Dairy Free Beef Mushroom Crepes with Avocado Sauce from Healthy Taste of Life

From the website: “These dairy free gluten free crepes taste no different from regular crepes. The idea of making these crepes super-thin without dairy or gluten could be completely overwhelming, but It’s completely possible – paper thin and with the right texture / flexibility without using gums or tapioca starch.”

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6. Nutella Banana Crepes from The Baker Upstairs

From the website: “These Nutella banana crepes are a new twist on my favorite crepe recipe, and they are not only super easy to make, they’re also indulgent and delicious!”

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7. Lemon Ricotta Crepes from Barbara Bakes

From the website: “These Lemon Ricotta Crepes are a sweet start to the day. Tender crepes filled with a rich, lemon ricotta filling and topped with a quick berry compote. “

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8. Cannoli Crepes from The Recipe Rebel

From the website: “This recipe makes cannoli more accessible and less time consuming. I know you’re not getting the crispy, deep-fried shell, but it’s an easy sacrifice for the time and effort you won’t be putting into these.”

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