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    1. Steve Barker


      I hope you are doing fine. My name is Steve, I am a digital marketing specialist. I have read some of your entries and I am wondering if you would be open in accepting articles for sponsored posting. Is this something you can consider on your site?

      The working article topic will be relevant to your website The content will be provided by us and our client’s link will be added I it. We do our best to keep maintaining quality. We will provide materials which will be beneficial for both our client and your website.

      Please let me know if this is something doable on your side and how much would it cost me for this?

      Steve Barker 
      Blogger Outreach for Brands

    2. Melissa


      I noticed that you guys take on advertisers – I’m interested in purchasing some space, I think it would be a great fit for both our websites!

      I’m looking to do something native, in the form of content, as opposed to banner ads.

      Do you accept guest posts / sponsored posts? I can provide the content if necessary.


      Melissa Collins

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