Welcome, one and all, to this week’s gathering of the AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL fan club.

Hello? Anyone?


Is this thing on?

Let’s take a different tact here, shall we? I’d like to call this meeting of the AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL Hate-Watchers Society to order.

Ah, there you all are!

At this point, only a million people are tuning in each Friday night to what has proven to be a rather lackluster cycle. And while a million is an awesome number if someone is giving you that many dollars or you’ve burned that many calories over the past year, in terms of viewers tuning in to a television show? The CW might as well be airing a test pattern.

And yet, we’ve come this far on the journey, we certainly can’t quit now, right? So let’s take a look at the three finalists — one of whom will be eliminated at the top of the finale — and see if we can’t figure out which of these kids has what it takes to strut their way from obscurity to semi-obscurity!


ANTM Cycle 20 Marvin
The Renee-obsessed poser is definitely my top pick… as the one who’ll be sent packing before the final runway challenge even begins. Why? For one thing, anyone who has ever seen a reality show has figured out from day one that this contest was going to come down to a guy and a girl in the finale. This being the first year that both sexes have competed, it seems an inescapable conclusion. With Jourdan the only female in the final three, that means either Cory or Marvin has to go. Sure, they could go with Marvin and hand the win over to Jourdan, but that seems unlikely. So I say this kid will be in the audience when the runway show begins.


ANTM Cycle 20 jourdan
She was destined for the finale before this competition even began. Besides being fairly comfortable in front of the camera, she came with a ready-made backstory (which was repeated ad nauseum) and enough of an attitude to make her at least vaguely interesting. But I suspect she may be too vanilla to walk away with the grand prize. Is she pretty? Sure. But she’s the kind of generic that winds up in catalogues, not on the runway.


ANTM Cycle 20 Cory
I’m going to give the win to the androgynous looker because he is, in many ways, everything the others aren’t. Where Marvin is vapid, Cory has a brain. Where Jourdan is vanilla, Cory is interesting. And perhaps most important of all (at least in the mind of the producers), allowing a gay male to strut away the winner will give the show the kind of buzz it hasn’t had in many a cycle.

So do you agree that Cory is the winner? Who’s your pick… and why? Hit the comments below and let us know!

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