Did you know that Sweatpants & Coffee’s beloved mental health mascot, the Anxiety Blob, is kind of a big deal on social media? Go to Instagram and search the #anxietyblob hashtag, and you’ll find Anxiety Blobs having all sorts of blobventures – a great reminder that anxiety is a condition you can manage and that you are not alone.

People with anxiety sometimes have trouble doing things, and in addition to being a great cuddle partner, Anxiety Blobs can be a great source of comfort when you have to do the dreaded things. Here are a few snapshots from Instagram of Blobs helping keep people at ease while doing anxiety-inducing activities like flying and driving.


Blobs are great companions for road trips, especially those times when the drives may be long or scary.

What are you doing today? #Repost @anxiety_bob_the_anxiety_blob ・・・ Off to visit family for Christmas

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Offering to drive wasn't my best idea. #iceland #anxietyblob #driving #ice #winterwonderland #snow

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On a drive!

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They help make flying less stressful.

And are excellent at helping you pack when you feel overwhelmed making decisions about what to bring.

For many people, for a lot of reasons, public restrooms can be a source of stress. Blob will be there to hold your hand.

People coming to visit is nice, but it also makes us anxious, luckily Blob is great at lending a hand when you have to #cleanallthethings.

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