Did you know that Sweatpants & Coffee’s beloved mental health mascot, the Anxiety Blob, is kind of a big deal on social media? Go to Instagram and search the #anxietyblob  hashtag or the official @therealanxietyblob account and you’ll find Anxiety Blobs having all sorts of blobventures – a great reminder that anxiety is a condition you can manage and that you are not alone.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Anxiety Blobs also enjoy coffee, in fact, we actually have two different Anxiety Blob mugs available in our shop! You can check them out here and here, and sip your coffee like an Anxiety Blob.

Anxiety Blob’s start their days with coffee, just like we do.

Ottom’s survival kit includes two things: coffee and her Anxiety Blob.

A bit of blob-ception happening here with Anxiety Blob drinking out of an Anxiety Blob mug.

To-go coffee helps Blobs get things done.

Iced or hot, Blobs just need their caffeine fix, esepcially on road trips.

Anxiety Blob’s especially enjoy espresso since the cups are just the right size.

They have cups that are my size! #coffee #AnxietyBlob #blobcruises #monday #cortidito

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Coffee makes Monday mornings manageable for Albie the Anxiety Blob.

My buddy @albie_the_anxiety_blob @Regrann from @albie_the_anxiety_blob – It’s #Monday morning, and Albie the #anxietyblob is sat with his morning coffee reading @bubakes latest blog post about embracing uncertainty. Albie finds this particular topic a tough one especially when his #anxiety is playing up, but there are some tips in the post that he is going to try out… The link to the post and the tips is here: http://www.bubakes.co.uk/blog/its-not-what-you-think-it-will-be-its-time-to-embrace-uncertainty Have a wonderful week everyone x #bubakes #sweatpantsandcoffee #depressedcakeshop #anxiety #deppression #socialanxiety #blog #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #uncertainty #mondaymotivation #coffee

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The first stop in a new place is always the local coffee shop for Blobs.

Nothing better than your Anxiety Blob making your morning coffee.

@albie_the_anxiety_blob making coffee. #monday #coffee #keurig @depressedcakeshop

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They spelled his name right!

My buddy @albie_the_anxiety_blob enjoying some decaf at the airport. @bubakes #AnxietyBlob #starbucks @depressedcakeshop

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Who doesn’t love a little latte art?

Want to share your Blob photos with us? Tag us @therealanxietyblob, use the hashtag #AnxietyBlob or email your Blob photos to shandle@sweatpantsandcoffee.com


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