The Anxiety Blob, Sweatpants & Coffee’s lovable mental health mascot, is a way for people with anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issue, to feel less alone. It’s a cuddly reminder that whatever your challenge, you are not alone, and that anxious is how you feel, not who you are. Anxiety Blobs are out in the world, living their lives, just like everyone else.

Here are some of our favorite posts from Instagram of Anxiety Blobs caught in action.

They read stimulating books.

They go to the movies.

They take naps.


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All snuggled up with Anxiety Blob #persiancat #miaou #chat #catsofinstagram #gato #kitty

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They hang out with celebrities sometimes.

They get together with pals.


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They go on trips to the ocean.


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Suns out, guns out. Beachy sunset time! #anxietyblob #francisblobbingtoniii #frankieblobs #coffeeandsweatpants #anxiety #depression

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They keep friends company while they get a new tattoo.

They do crosswords.

To get an Anxiety Blob of your own to cuddle, visit the Sweatpants & Coffee shop, here.

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