With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you may be frantically wondering what the heck to buy. I’m not just talking about your significant other or love interest, but maybe your best friend or your kid or the really nice lady down the street who gives you fruit from her garden. We have compiled a list of some pretty awesome gifts for just about anyone in your life. Whether they are technologically savvy or crafty or old school, there’s something for everyone.


Teacher Tote

Customizable Teacher Tote

Teachers arms always seem to be overflowing with magical instruments to get kids to stay in their seats, sharpen their pencils, practice their letters, and all-in-all just make it through the day. A tote says, “I get it, you just don’t have enough arms” and “Thanks” at the same time.

The gifts that keep giving:

When you can’t thank your kids’ teacher enough for all that he or she does to shape your little human a gift card goes a long way. Starbucks, Target, i-Tunes, whatever you think they like, with a card just saying “Thanks” goes a really long way to make them feel appreciated. I found these really cute and creative printables to go with just about any gift card at Fabulessly Frugal.

Coffee and Tea


Craft Coffee Monthly Subscription

Give the gift of coffee for $30 per month. With Craft Coffee you fill out a short survey indicating what you like and don’t like about your cup of joe: flavor undertones, whole bean or ground, etc. Based on that you will receive a kit each month with three artisan coffees, a pallet note with all the flavors you may be tasting, and expert brewing tips.


The Steep & Chill

For when you want a lot of iced tea and don’t want ice to water it down. With the Steep & Chill you cool a pot of fresh brewed tea in the container, steeper included. When you are ready to drink, you insert the enclosed ice core and call it a day. It comes in three different color options ( yellow, black, and orange) and makes 32 ounces of tea.

For the Food Lovers


Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a weekly meal delivery service. They promise not only delicious meals with recipes by experienced chefs, but also the freshest products. Each box comes with fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions to make three different meals that you select. The products are packed with ice and liners to ensure your ingredients stay fresh. There are options for both omnivores and herbivores, so no need to worry if meat is not your thing. You can easily cancel your subscription online at any time before the next week’s box goes out. Currently, you can choose from three weekly meals for two or four people. The classic meal box for two is $69 per week and the box for four is $129 per week. There’s also the good ol’ gift card option. This place is great if you want to learn to cook, or if you love to cook and want to mix things up a little bit.


Molecular Gastronomy Kit

This kit gets you started in the world of food bending for $50. Solids become liquids, liquids become jelly, mind = blown. The kit comes with:

  • Pre-measured food additives
  • 5 gastronomy tools
  • And a 50 recipe DVD with instructions.

For those who appreciate the written word

Next Issue

Next Issue

I just started to using this myself. As much as I like to read all my magazines, I don’t like having them piled all over the table until I get to them. It drives me nuts. Next Issue is a magazine app that, for a monthly price of either $10 or $15, gives you access to 140+ Magazines with access on up to 5 devices. We’re talking People, Men’s Health, Cosmo, Better Homes & Gardens – good stuff. What’s also cool is that you can download back issues if you missed some, and your first month is free.

Insult Mug2

William Shakespear Insult Mug

For the one who loves literature and a good 15th Century insult. Only $12.95.

Book Lovers Candles

Book Lovers Scented Candles in BIBLIOPHILE Sample Pack

I’m really coveting this. Heck, I’ll probably end up ordering it before I finish this article. This wizardry is every book lover’s dream. Enjoy that library or study or bookstore smell without ever having to leave your house. E-books are the new norm but there is nothing like the smell of hundreds or thousands of books in one place. Frostbeard’s Etsy shop promises an experience of “books, their settings and their character.” I’m totally buying what they are selling. The BIBLIOPHILE set is just $15.

Manly Things

Beer Of The Month club

Beer of the Month Club

Nothing says “I care” like a dozen microbrewed beers a month. For $40 a month ($25 + shipping and handling) you get four different beer styles from microbreweries in the US, a monthly letter, beer specifications, the brewery profiles, suggested food pairings, and more. Just the thing to expand your pallet. This can be given as a gift or bought as a subscription. Right now they are offering $10 off any 3 month subscription or longer with PROMO CODE : 10VAL for Valentine’s Day. Please drink and give responsibly.

Gun cylinder Pen Holder

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

For the guy who has nothing to prove and the pen holder to not prove it with. $25.

Gear Cuff Links

Watch Movement Cufflinks

These cufflinks are both stylish and cool. I’m a cufflink novice at best, as I don’t actually wear cufflinks, but these are some of the best looking ones I’ve seen. They’re a little pricey at $150 but they’re pretty one of a kind.

For the Kids



Who doesn’t remember this as a kid? Every time you went anywhere with a waiting room, there they were, and if you were lucky enough, you would be checking your mail every month waiting for your next issue. Puzzles, stories, riddles, games – it had and still has it all. Both of my kids (4 and 9) get them and love them. It’s $30 for the year for kids ages of 0-12.

Stop motion animation

Stop Motion Animation Kit

I totally believe in the power of imagination. This is a full stop-motion animation kit. The kids get a chance to see what it takes to makes films like Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and Gumby. OK, maybe not Gumby but we all know that Gumby and Pokey were awesome. The $60 kit comes with everything you need:

  • 10 megapixel camera
  • Computer Software
  • Parts to make your character.

Comfy, Cozy, Relax

Escape Monthly

Escape Monthly

As much as I would love to travel the world, everyday life just does not allow it. Escape Monthly is an escape in a box. Every month you get full sized products from a destination around the world. Its $50 a month, which might seem a little pricey, but you get full-sized luxury bath, spa and beauty products, gourmet food, accessories and even jewelry. You also get a travel guide to your destination with local spots and activities to plan. It’s the closest thing you can get to a vacation, except it’s more like a stay-and-watch-for-the-mailman-cation.

Yes box

The “Yes” Box from Lush

If you or anyone you know really loves bath stuff, Lush is the place to go. In the “Yes” box for V-day, you get a massage bar, a fruity shower gel, lip scrub, silky body powder, and a body conditioner all packed into a little origami box for $45.

breathe necklace

“Breathe” reminder Necklace

Just a pretty, simple necklace to remind you that you should just take a minute. Well made, comes in silver plate or bronze for $15 by Cellsdividing. Right now it’s buy 3, get 1 free (mix and match) and free shipping!

Darby Smart2

Darby Smart


Darby Smart

Darby Smart is an online company that will send you a different Do-it-Yourself Project every month. But subscriptions aren’t your only option. You can browse products and projects you are interested in and choose to order just one. There’s also the choice to buy a gift card if you aren’t sure what someone will like or if this will be something that they enjoy. Monthly subscriptions start at $19 and projects start at $10. You can also restock your supplies for under $10.

Happy gifting!


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