Going through a divorce requires its own playlist. I should know. If my divorce was a combination plate, I’d be on the last taco, nothing left on my plate but a smattering of rice.

Divorce is long, hard, and relentless, and not in a “That’s what she said” way, either. There’s nothing enjoyable about it. Divorce presents a special kind of grief, a gut-wrenching set of losses. Not only have you lost a person and relationship and what you thought your life would be, but you don’t want any of that back.

No matter where we find ourselves in the process of a divorce (or other break up, whether with a significant other, a best friend, a job, whatever), there is grief. And many, many feelings. All of the feelings, at any time of the day or night. What better way to process through these feelings and transitions than by singing along to songs that really “get” you?  Here are my choices for an awesomely *spicy divorce playlist.

The Fightin’ Songs

You’re a fighter. You are strong. You are making it through this. These songs help.

  • Fighter by Christina Aguilera
  • Survivor by Destiny’s Child
  • I Will Survive by Cake – As a Gloria Gaynor fan, I was suspicious of this cover by Cake but I will admit, it is good.
  • So What by Pink
  • I’m Still Standing by Elton John

The Angry and F-Word Songs

Most of these songs have the F-word, and it is highly satisfying to sing every one of them at the highest volume possible, especially when angry.

  • I Don’t F*ck With You by Big Sean, E-40
  • Outta Your Mind by Lil John and LMFAO
  • F*ck You by CeeLo Green
  • Get Back by Ludacris – This song is featured at the end of Tropic Thunder where Tom Cruise gets his groove on, and it captured my heart. It’s great fun to yell, “You don’t know me like that!” in the car while cruising down the freeway, thinking about how your relationship ended so spectacularly.
  • Party Up by DMX – This song isn’t necessarily for divorce. I like it because y’all do make me want to lose my mind up in here, from the ex to the kids to the bills to all the feelings to this huge life change.
  • You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette – A classic.
  • Funhouse by Pink

The Revenge Songs

There’s some overlap with the Angry/F-Word songs, for sure, but there’s enough of a difference to make these songs stand out.

  • Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops!) by Blu Cantrell and Foxy Brown
  • Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
  • Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects
  • I Love It by Icona Pop and Charli XCX

The Sad Songs

Hey, divorce can be depressing. These songs help you sing the sad out.

  • Without Me by Halsey
  • How’s It Going to Be by Third Eye Blind
  • Girl Crush by Little Big Town – This is just a great sad song, regardless of reason. While best for unrequited love, this song might also fit with your particular situation.
  • A Better Man by Little Big Town
  • Let It Go by James Bay
  • Widow’s Walk by Suzanne Vega


It might not feel like it at this moment, but there will be feelings of relief and even something related to happiness, especially once the divorce process is over and final papers are signed. If nothing else, these songs remind you that there is happiness and joy, and you will experience them again.

  • Dog Days Are Over by Florence + The Machine
  • I Don’t F*ck With You by Big Sean, E-40 – This one gets an extra mention simply because of the story I heard from a friend of a friend. She had just gotten word that the judge signed off on her papers and the divorce was final while sitting in her car. She turned on the ignition and the radio blared this song, which is wildly appropriate.
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift
  • Thank u, next by Ariana Grande
  • I Am Here by Pink – my personal anthem. This song has gotten me through the last several months.
  • Closer to Fine by Indigo Girls

Pick and choose the songs from this awesomely spicy divorce playlist that will help you the most – if you’ve got some to add, leave us a comment.

*The word “spicy” refers to word choice, not actual spice. In this case, spicy language includes many of the curse words that go along well with the process of divorce.

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