So much of our lives is spent waiting. For the perfect moment, for the right time, for this one to be the one that counts. It’s the reason we take ten pictures of the dinner we haven’t even eaten yet and then only share the shot that is perfectly lit and centered. I’ve spent my life hoping to be worthy, to produce something worthy.

And while I was waiting, life happened anyway, and a lot of it was pretty fucking great. It was also ugly and hard and ridiculous. But here’s the thing: if you’re waiting for perfect, you deny yourself the pleasure of the deliciously messy NOW. The now that doesn’t have its makeup on yet or its hair brushed. The now that eats microwave macaroni and cheese over the sink and thinks terrible, petty thoughts about the other people in line at Target. The now that makes selfish choices and forgets appointments. This now is still full of beauty, but we’re worried about all this other crap ruining the picture. How dumb is that?

Celebrate the good amidst the difficulty and chaos. Now, not later. Give yourself permission to be human, with wrinkles and stains and unattractive emotional baggage. In fact, give yourself more than permission. Give thanks. You are already worthy.

Some questions to get you in the grateful space:

  • What is the best part of your day?
  • What is one thing you did that was good?
  • What do you love about yourself, even if other people don’t understand it?

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Until next week,

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