Rx: “Lies”

Prescribed by: T.M. Logan

Prescribed for: This debut novel grabs you on page one and never lets go.

Side Effects: Dry eye from not wanting to blink and miss something; exhaustion from staying up late to finish just one more chapter.

What if you were in the wrong place at the wrong time? What if you saw something you shouldn’t have? What if one mistake could cost you everything?  What if nothing is as it seems?

Directions:  Joe is just an average guy.  Married, one child, and content as an instructor at a private school. His wife is keeping secrets, however, and Joe’s picture-perfect world begins to unravel.  When mysterious and incriminating posts show up on his Facebook page, Joe’s life tilts dangerously sideways and he will have to decide just how far he’s willing to go to save his family. And save himself.

Special Instructions: Bake up a batch of these amazing “I Just Got Dumped Brownie Bars.”  Too bad you can’t share them with Joe.

“I Just Got Dumped Brownie Bars” – Gal On a Mission

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And his duplicitous wife always has a “Classic Bloody Mary” on Thursdays. Even on that fateful Thursday when their world was turned upside down.

“Classic Bloody Mary” – Kitchen Swagger

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Refill: here, available September 11, 2018.

Julie Bond

Julie Bond is a voracious reader with eclectic tastes running the gamut from YA lit, to psychological suspense, and anything dog-related, of course. You can find her haunting her favorite San Francisco Bay Area indie bookstores. Email her at ObsessiveBookFanatic@gmail.com


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