Rx:  “The Night Shift”

Prescribed by: Alex Finlay

Prescribed for: Thriller readers who loved Jessica Hamilton’s, “What You Never Knew” and Riley Sager’s “Home Before Dark.”  And anyone who loved the movie “Crash.”

Side Effects:  A compulsion to make sure you’ve rewound and returned all of your old Blockbuster videos!

Directions:  This thriller weaves together two stories, that of the lone survivor of a horrific set of murders at a Blockbuster Video store in the late 90’s and a similar event fifteen years later at an ice cream shop in the same town.  The police never found the original suspect after he disappeared and the FBI has been brought in to determine if that same suspect has returned for a second crime and why.

Ella, the lone survivor of the Blockbuster murders, is a therapist who struggles with relationships and engages in risky behavior.  Jesse is the lone survivor of the ice cream shop murders, but her personal ties to the original murders means her involvement this time around likely isn’t a coincidence. Chris is the younger brother of the original suspect and he’s always believed his brother was wrongly accused, but now he’s left to wonder if his brother truly has come back to town.  Sarah Keller is the pregnant FBI agent assigned to the case because she has connections with the County Prosecutor’s office and grew up in a neighboring town. Will Agent Keller be able to piece together was happened back in 1999 in order to solve the recent murders before she becomes the next target?  This novel has so many twists, turns, and dead-end leads, you’ll be breathless by the time you reach the heart-stopping conclusion.

Special Instructions: This novel may make you feel a bit nostalgic for the 90’s, so why not make yourself some bagel bites?  This updated version can be made in your air fryer, making it a better option that the frozen ones that were a staple in the 90’s:

Air Fryer Bagel Bites by Bits and Bites

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And this cocktail screams the 90’s and was certainly being served as the clock struck midnight in 1999:

Pop Rocks Rocktail by Thrillist

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Refill: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781250268884

Julie Bond

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